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10 Must Do's when you're in Saigon "Ho Chi Minh City", Vietnam

For those of you who're wondering what is up for you when you visit Saigon "Ho Chi Minh City", I've made a list of 10 Must Do's when you're in the city. 

Of course apart from the usual Mekong river trip and trekking towards hills and tribes, here's a few I'm sure you can do when you go.

1. Watch the City.

This may sound vague but to capture the essence of Vietnamese life, take a look around at the people: the faces, the smiles, the gestures and then the places and scenery. There's so much to look at than your book. Take a walk. Breathe fresh air. Buy fruits. Sit with the locals in cafes and try to mingle. It's always a great joy for me when i talk to the locals. Makes me feel more at home.

2. Drink "Saigon Beer".

Its brewed taste. Its intoxication after. The effect when you're talking to beautiful Vietnamese. The joy of sharing a beer with your friends. Talking. Laughing. Sharing stories. I don't know about you but i love happy hour. Late afternoon drinking rocks! Cool and Chilled out. Cheers!

3. Go to GO2 Bar

GO2bar is a really cool place to hang out when you're in Saigon. Beers aren't cheap here, but you're paying for the ambiance. Right stuck in the middle of the busy intersection, is the best party place in town. You can watch as the day turns into night, people walking around, plus you can meet a lot of people here too.

A happy crowd. A happy night.

Upstairs, there's a club that plays house and pop tunes so you can party the night away like i did as soon as i touched down in Saigon. Beers for about $2, cool music, on the second floor. A few floors up is the rooftop, same thing--chill out deck drinking beer! It's a breezy night for a lonely man, if you know what i mean.

4. Become a Snake Charmer or Ride the Speedboat.

I think one of the wildest things i did was putting on a giant snake around my neck. Only in Vietnam, my friend! My friend drank snake wine. I was taking care of my stomach, my mistake when i was in Siem Reap. But for free, you can do this essential experience when you get to your first stop during the Mekong River Tour.

Speedboat cruise. Take photos! Ask someone to take your photo while cruising the Mekong river on speed.

5. Cross the street.

There's a particular trick that i follow. Walk just right, not too slow or motorbikes will honk on you, not too fast or you'll be hit. And never ever stop. That's when accidents happen, actually.

6. Talk to the police

So, after going to the Pagoda we decided to walk around. Lo and behold, we got lost. We were walking on the streets were lingerie is everywhere and we're starving. My friend Cara went up to the police and asked "Where am i?" And the police answered... "You're at the mall!" It's funnier when i tell you the story in person. How can you beat that.

7. Spend Vietnamese Dong

With a couple of five hundred thousands and fifty thousands, buddy, when you're in Vietnam, you're a millionaire. Ask for a beer, ask how much? Roughly 80,000 dong!

8. Don't eat raw meat.


Raw meat is what you find in the market like this. Literally and figuratively. A lot of Vietnamese girls are out during the night, dressed up, fully made up, waiting to service you for the lack of a better and more appropriate term. Massages, the likes. It's up to you what you do. Been asked many times, i just think about it.

9. Never mess with the Cyclo man.

It's history. But let's get real, it takes way too long. And don't even think about taking a photo. Just a photo opportunity with the cyclo man, he wanted to charge me for about $5. WTF.

10. And of course, be friendly.

The boat to the Mekong river with the tour guide 
GO2 bar roof deck, five floors up. Saigon beer. Fun conversations.
Sarah/ Me/ Cara/ yoshi (on top)/ Adam/ Two girls of Eat.Pray.Love( Ed. Before the movie)/ Melissa/Summer
Go2 bar waiter
Barbie and friend
Me and a Saigon Police
Me with two locals from Northern Vietnam/ Yoshi from Japan
Chill out at Go2.
Summer/ Cara/ Melissa/ Me
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  1. lingerie + police?! kinky!!!
    hahahha, nice post buddy!

  2. @flip'n travels ha ha ha i know! whatttanight! it didn't end there. ordering fried spring rolls is a different story! ha ha Thanks!!!

  3. @monette it's really good. mas swabe kesa sa Chang beer pero may tama agad! i read about your post on Bintang beer! i haven't tried that one out!


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