Sunday, June 22, 2014

Building Pyramids at Eight Elephants Hostel in Taipei

I love staying in hostels! It's fun, relaxed and you get to meet a lot of people - those who call traveling as an interest, a hobby or a sport. That's why you meet them at the right time, and at the right place... at Eight Elephants Hostel.

I stayed at this hostel when i went to Taipei. I've done a background check and the reviews were pretty fair and legitimate. It doesn't have a pool or any of those advertising superlatives which you can only find in $100/night suites. For the lack of a better word, i found the place interesting. It wasn't my first choice of accommodations, but i'm glad i switched to this place the day after. It's a pretty interesting place! There are lots of art, carefully placed in common rooms. Every corner of the hostel holds a memorabilia, a dedication from a happy guest, sorts of trinkets you would find in art gallery like post cards and doodles. 

The night i first checked in, i found myself with these amazing people, and on the far left are teddy bears, a couple of movie posters and colorful throw pillows. I've forgotten how i was so ecstatic to check out Luxy, Bond No 9 and Room 18. I decided to buy Taiwan beer at 7-11 nearby, and gulp away instead. What started out as a friendly conversation turned into a friendly competition. It was a very complicated game, a game that needs mental ability, focus and a whole lot of stock knowledge. Ha ha Yeah right?!

Who gets drunks first? That's the name of the game. While gulping that strong but awesome beer, i realized more and more why i'm beginning to love this place even more. It's the vibe. I feel so at home. You know the feeling when a friend calls the gang over to his/her place because the parents are away. That's exactly how i felt. The staff were so friendly and accommodating, i felt like having a crush on one. Velma! Thanks for all the help. :)

I think 80% of the time i stayed in, i was at one of the common rooms; at the TV room or upstairs at the kitchen. Every where i go, i always stop by and look at this picture posted on the wall or this beautiful text written on a paper shaped like flower. The other 20 % was shared sleeping in my room or doing my bathroom duties. The rooms were okay. The air conditioning was working perfectly fine. The beds were comfortable. Bathroom was pretty decent, as faucet and shower have hot and cold water. Who needs a spa-like room when you're out most of the time?!

So why did i call this blog post Building Pyramids at Eight Elephants Hostel? We were able to construct a pyramid (or something to that shape) made out of beer cans. It's that simple. None of those jargons or unheard of words. I'm beginning to realize that we always try to complicate everything, including reviews. My stay at Eight Elephants has got to be one of my most comfortable stays in any of my trips in South East Asia. 

I really recommend this hostel. Stay here and if you can, please take a photo of my dedication on the wall. "Love from Manila!" Hope they haven't renovated the place because i love it as it is.

Eight Elephants Hostel
Addreess: No. 6號, Alley 4, Lane 48, Jìnjiāng Street  Taipei City, TaiwanPhone Number: +886 2 2368 0301
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  1. Woot nice! I am planning to go back to Taiwan soon. This time, solo trip naman. I'll keep this accommodation in mind :D

    1. Yes!!! When do you plan to go back? Heading there very very soon. Any recommendations? Nah! I'll check your blog na lang! Thanks so much!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes Ian! One of the better hostels I've ever stayed in. Next time i go back to Taipei, will choose this place again as my temporary residence. Salamat!


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