Outtakes from Tonsai Beach, Krabi, Thailand

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The phone i used in Thailand, the phone that was washed away by the sea, died on me. But miracles do happen because that very same phone resurrected. Working A-Okay now! Awyeeeah!

Anyway, i have some pictures from Tonsai Beach in Krabi. Remember how i forgot to bring the charger for the Olympus camera in Southern Thailand? Now, i have a few more pictures to show.

Above is the picture outside our little room in the foot of the mountain. Dirt cheap room - spartan. It takes quite a while to go the beach, but trust me the trek grows on you. I miss the little islands along the bumpy unpaved road, the little sounds the frogs make, the friendly Thais greeting you as you pass by, and then i say Sawadeee Kap.

How most tourists prefer to stay in Railay Beach? Many. I don't know why. Tonsai is for the adventurous while Railay Bay is for the luxurious. As i said, i did a lot of firsts here in this island. And i will never forget all of them.

I took this picture, while still buying some more Chang beer. I love that beer! I guess, the most perfect beer for me so far. Even better than San Miguel, i must say. I sent this picture back at home via MMS. It cost me a lot but everyone in Manila saw through this picture how magnificent my time is here in my so-called paradise!