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Although not as technotronic as 2009, 2010 was a year where i traveled with good mileage. I was able to accomplish many firsts as well as travel to destinations i never thought i would be able to go to. As i look back now in the first morning of 2011, i think about how God has blessed me with trips that continuously shape my life, and make me realize how life should be lived.

Surrathani, Thailand

I came back again (3rd time) to my second most favorite country after the Philippines. Going to Thailand, and exploring more southern beaches and cool northern mountains was such a blessing. A year before this, i told myself that i need to discover some more of this country, and i did just that. 

Koh Pha Ngan, for the second time was lovely, but staying on the quieter east side was pure r  and r. I met cool people along the way, which made the experience ultimately rich. 

Heading to another island called Koh Tao was welcoming, it's much more relaxing and laid-back as compared to Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan. Riding the Thai trains is always an experience that paints a smile in my face. I love train rides and waking up to beautiful sunrise beaming on the windows. 

And going all the way up north to Chiangmai is one trip i've been meaning to do ever since. Luckily, i was able to make a stop there. Walking around, and finding myself in the market, near the lake, riding the motorbike, is incomparable. I did my first zip-line there, too, at over hundred meters above the mountains. I also rode an elephant, and white water rafted. I had a grand time chatting up with cool new friends from Germany and god knows where else, over Chang. I usually find myself waking up the next day and doing the same thing. This trip was one where i could really say, i became attuned to adventure.

Boac, Marinduque, Philippines

A few weeks after, during the holy week season in the Philippines, i went to a Philippine province about a few hours of land trip and ferry ride, to beautiful Marinduque. Just in time for the Moriones festival, i stayed for a few days wandering around what seems to be one of the most beautiful provinces I've ever been to. Amidst the commercialism of the festival, i went out of the way and circled the island province visiting lonely deserted beaches, chatting with local folks and exchanging notes. As soon as i arrived from a dodgy boat, i hitched and rode on top of the jeepney with an awesome view of the country side. Passed by numerous churches, waved at little kids and met some really cool people who up until now i can still vividly remember. I still think, Marinduque is on my top three most beautiful provinces of the Philippines. (the others include Guimaras and Siquijor)

Daan Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines

In search of the most beautiful beach in the Philippines, i flew to Cebu. The queen city of the south was typical. Cebu city is busy, progressive and lacks the local flavor i was expecting. After spending a few days around the city, i headed up north of the province to Bantayan Island. Where so far, i found the most perfect beach! My God, it's so beautiful out there. With white sands, and turquoise waters, how can you beat that? Dare i say The Philippines is incomparable to its neighboring countries in terms of beaches. No doubt!

Ace Saatchi and Saatchi, Manila, Philippines

After almost two years of going nowhere, I got a job working for an international advertising agency which was the perfect birthday gift. On the day of my birthday, i got hired. After working for about almost 8 months, i can honestly say Ace Saatchi and Saatchi is Home. Everyday working in this company is a day of learning and bonding. Although, i am constantly faced with troubles and obstacles, it paved the way for me to get better, and aspire for excellence. And for that, 2010 was really a blessed year for me.

Tokyo, Japan

A few months have passed, and i have missed traveling. During the Halloween break in November, i had the balls to apply for a Japan visa, and after getting one, i was off to the Land of Rising Sun. I took the fastest train and made my way to numerous metropolis and provinces such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima. My Japan trip wouldn't be complete without the help of my good friends - Yoshi from Tokyo, and Meanne and the family from Fukuoka. Japan blew me away with its impeccable ostentatious facade and high technology. It's a really good trip where most of the time, i get inspired by it's success and the friendliness of the people. I've downed all the sushis in the world, all the beers, and braved cold nights in search of nothingness.

Siquijor and Negros Oriental, Philippines

Before the year ended, i told myself i need to travel down south of the Philippines to the land of gentle people and land of fire, just because not a lot of people go there. Negros Oriental and Siquijor were my stops in a week's worth of trip. Siquijor is absolutely laid-back and beautiful. I rode the motorbike and circled the province in a few hours, stopping at some point to chat with local sea gypsies and admire its natural wonders. I did everything that i'm not supposed to, and to be honest in made all the difference. Although, i am more inclined into liking the outskirts of Dumaguete in Negros Oriental, the province boasts of so many opportunities for adventure. I rode the motorbike again, going to different towns and swimming in waterfalls, lakes, and snorkeling in the infamous Apo Island. What a way to end my trip than drinking cold San Miguel beer with the best guide/driver/buddy in the world who took care of me like his little brother. I will come back for sure. 

Dear Lord,

Your world is beautiful. It's a blessing and a privilege to explore and discover your creation. Thank you for allowing me to experience the many wonders of traveling, and keeping me safe amidst the possible dangers that i may encounter. I pray for 2011; that the year may be a good time for me to explore more destinations in my beloved country and the rest of the world. It's been a joyous ride, and i can't wait to experience more. 


Happy New Year from Pinoy Boy Journals


You have come a long way already, wishing you more adventures for 2011, Happy New Year!

bellestar said...

this indeed looks like a fruitful year for your travels! here's to another year of journeying milestones! cheers! :)

@lakwatsera de primera thanks, happy new year to you too! Same wish for a fellow traveler, may you have more life-changing and fun trips this 2011! Be safe all the time! By the way, i have linked you in my site! Cheers!!!

@BELLESTAR thanks so much, sad that we weren't able to meet up when you were in Manila. No worries, i'll meet you there in Bangkok soon enough. I miss Thailand so much! Cheers to you as well! I've linked you in my site, Be!

Chyng said...

Amen to that! All glory is HIS! =)

Have a blast in 2011!

@Chyng yes! Let's all be grateful, and realize how blessed we all are to be able to wander around, and travel the world. The wish is shared to you, and all the travelers. May we all have safe, fun and fulfilling trips in 2011! Cheers!

A Great Adventure indeed! you inspired me with my own Marinduque trip and you served as my virtual guide ^^ Thanks for the help and to more lovely places this 2011 :)

@Sweet Casuyon thanks so much! Happy new year to you!!! I will treasure this comment as i live to inspire people, especially travelers to go to the Philippines and start discovering our beautiful country. More lovely places in 2011 to you as well. Can you send me a link to your blog so i can read your Marinduque! Thanks again!

HEy there..its me again RC you probably dont remember me.anyhow ive been following you and a big reader of all your post. i asked you before about hongkong unfortunately i wasnt able to go with my friends..too pricey..but they brought me some stuff..well enough.heheh. I just wanna say HI and HAPPY NEW YEAR.. still and will continue to love your blog..and you never fail to inspire brought me kidding im so jealous..i will pray that you continue loving travel and share some facts, photos and tips for us. good luck to your next big break, to sooner EUROPE trip..hahah..where are you heading next?.at least take a picture of Eiffel tower with my name on it. you are very blessed that you get to go some good places..and i appreciate that you dont forget our own country. stay healthy.!!

@paperbiscuits Thank you very much for your kind words. i am truly blessed, and my goal is to inspire everyone to travel the philippines, and then the world. of course i remember you, it's all good. May 2011 be the year, that you get to go to Hong Kong. I am going there this February, and hoping I'll come back with more stories, and new information on tips how to travel Hong Kong the best way. Europe may be a long shot, but everyhthing is possible. as of the moment, i am really working hard to earn, someday I'll go to Europe. I won't forget your request about the Eiffel Tower. I promise you that! Cheer! You're such a stylish gal. Keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

Naks naman! I love the prayer at the ending. Indeed, God is the source of all our blessings. Moreover, He's the creator of our beautiful world! I'm glad that you also glorify God through your travels. Keep up on inspiring other travelers like me to explore the world. Looking forward to read more of your adventures this 2011! :-)

@mylovelylife88 thank you too. I have been reading about your trips and i am happy that you are exploring the beauty of the world. It's true, He made this beautiful world, and for us, we have to see it! The beauty of traveling is that it doesn't only let you become more responsible with your life, you also begin to value nature and of course, your family. i am really happy that you tag your mom with you. it's such great bonding for you both. may you have more trips in the future, keep safe always! Take Care!!! :)

Akiko said...

Thanks for sharing with your experience, you are very adventurous! :) Hope i can visit to the place you've been with someday.

@Akiko I always find myself happiest when i'm traveling. All i know is it's what i want to do for the rest of my life. I will never get tired. Traveling fuels my mind and warms my heart. Thanks!