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Long time no see, Pinoyboyjournals! It's been ages since i last posted something in this blog. The feeling is like it's my first time now. Excited but a little nervous.  However you want to interpret it. Things turned around 180 degrees, from being the nomad that i am to becoming the corporate gangster today.
Almost three months ago, i got a call from a multi-national company. A few days later, i found myself working. Yey, mates!!! For those of who you don't know yet, I am now working with one of the best advertising agencies in the world, which has a branch here in Manila. I work under the digital team, so most of my days are spent writing and surfing the world wide web. It's a really good job. And it's an honor to be working with the best minds in the region. I want to thank everyone who made my venture in to the world of advertising possible. Cheers!

To my friends here in Manila, and to those abroad, you know who you are. Thank you for the words of wisdom. Imagine, if not in advertising, i would probably be teaching 10 year olds Khmer children, or serving banana pancakes off the coast of South Thailand. It actually makes sense now, at least for me. 

A few days ago was suppose to be my flight out of Manila to some remote island down south. Plane ticket bought about a year ago. It was a great journey: four provinces in almost two weeks, mostly hitching on a motorbike, and cruising the sea through large ferries. I would have been basking, yet again, in the glorious sun and the awesome beach. I would probably be drunk right now, and would later be walking around nowhere to go.

One thing's for sure. If you ask me now, i have no regrets. Never did i feel that i made a wrong decision. A few years from now, who knows where will I be. I might be staying too long in Nepal or hanging out with friends in Europe or putting on my leaf g-string in the Amazon. I have no idea. But sooner or later, i know i will travel again.

As i always say: "There is nothing in this world i would do more than to travel the world. This is my world, and i chose to see it!"

After two years of going nowhere, i found another path, and it sure is a good one. So for now, my backpack's stored, flights are on hold, my mind is set. I'll wear my coat and face the day like i always do, good vibes with enthusiasm for the corporate world. 

Life is so beautiful!


dude you look like a a japanese mafia here only darker..hahaha.did i mention that i also a big fan of your style? let me see the blazer on kidding.i hope you dont mind that im posting comments in most of your entry.

@paperbiscuits wow! thanks so much! Of course, i don't mind! keep 'em coming. i attended a friend's wedding and i think i just came back from a trip so i'm still chocolate! ha ha. Thanks! it's nice when you dress up, makes you feel confident. i work as a creative, and people ask me in the office why i always dress up. i tell them, i am more inspired to think creatively when i look creative! he he