Smile Like There's No Tomorrow in Lake Balinsasayao, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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Rising above 1000 meters above sea level, hail to one of the gems of Oriental Negros' tourism. A major attraction in the region is the beautiful and awe inspiring 'Twin Lakes'. When you're going to Dumaguete, a day spent in Twin Lakes should be one of the best experiences you could ever have in this side of the world.The calmest and most serene place in the whole province was also my last destination, and i must say.. it couldn't get any better than this.

My guide was persistent that i have to pay a visit to Lake Balinsasayao because he really wanted me to see what this spot has to offer. 6 kilometers from Dumaguete City is the town of Sibulan, and 12 kilometers west of Sibulan + 20 minute scenic ride cruising along impeccable winding paths on high altitude, will get you to Balinsasayao Lake. On my way going there, i rode the motorbike yet again, and passed by such an amazing coastline. The trip was exciting because i got to pass by the national highway and see the beautiful view of the ocean and next door neighboring province, Cebu.

Lake Balinsasayao is a protected national park. Before disembarking, you will have to sign and pay a minimal fee of P10 issued by the Republic of the Philippines to enter. This fee goes to the rehabilitation and protection of the national park. Years have passed, and local hunters and "kaingeros" have continuously cut down timber. This illegal activity has resulted to an alarming rate fall of the water level in the lake. I think this issue needs to be resolved quick before this place turns into a barren basin.

Here i am finding my balance in a huge tree. (Please ID this tree if this is the Almagica "Almasiga" which is one of the tallest tree in the Philippines rising over 60 meters.)

Lake Balinsasayao is gaining popularity among adventure-seekers for its beautiful diversity of flora and fauna. From rare species of birds to beautiful and wild orchids, Lake Balinsasayao offers the richest and best ecosystem. Fishing is another popular activity here. Carp, catfish, tilapia are frequently swimming in this fresh water lake and most of the day-trippers would fish and cook their fresh catch. Likewise, you can just ask the local fishermen and buy from them. Native huts are built, where one can rent and enjoy the view of the beautiful lake while savoring a delicious feast. 

If fishing is not your thing, you could rent a boat or a kayak. On the other hand, one can also enjoy the sight from the cliff by trekking to the other side of the ridge. Most people who go here have brought with them their packed meals. if you forgot to bring yours, don't worry because there's a canteen before the descent to the lake. If this was in Thailand, this place would be part of an adventure day tour - hence, a steady inflow of tourists. Let's help out the tourism industry here, shall we?!

By the way, for happy campers it's good to note that there are areas around the lake where you could pitch in your tent. I reckon it would be an awesome experience to camp out here, in the middle of the jungle and just commune with nature.

Be reminded that the water isn't shallow. A few steps from the bank, the water goes to a deep slope which others say descend up to 90 meters. But i couldn't fathom the thought of going to Lake Balinsasayao and not swimming. It's just not right! So, there i was braving the cold water and swimming, together with the little Negrense kids. What a beautiful experience!

Lake Balinsasayao is embraced by four mountains: Mount Mahungot to the south, Mount Kalbasan to the north, Mount Balinsasayao to the east and Mount Guidabon to the west. The air is cool here and the breeze of the wind makes it an ideal place to spend an afternoon. I just loved my stay here even if it was just a short while. Do you know that this portion of Sibulan is said to be the home of a remarkable number of species: 180 different kinds of trees, 113 birds, 27 mammals and 49 reptiles and amphibians, making it a national park?

If there's one thing i regret not doing, it is staying longer here in Lake Balinsasayao. It's so beautiful and calming that i forgot all my worries. All the apprehensions of what was waiting for me when i get back home, all gone and forgotten about. Meditation is a recommended activity here, and as advised - during sunrise and sunset are the best time to enjoy the 'Twin Lakes'. I always found myself weirdly smiling all the time here. It seems there are still places in the world, where one could just forget about the worries of tomorrow, and just smile, like there's no tomorrow.


A perfect place for relaxation, so serene and green, the lakes looks good for kayaking as well, wala pa ba nag-ooffer nun :)

"lake" rather :) Are there trails on the surrounding mountains?

Karla said...

This seems to be a perfect place to spend time soul searching. It's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this as I get to know more about the beauty of our country. :)

Btw, I can't view your video. It says that it is unavailable. :(

PBJ. We have one like that here in Bukidnon, the Lake Apo. It looks like a crater lake. Nice post, PBJ.


Oh! Like a HAPPY PILL kind of place. Smiles like there's no tomorrow. I want to experience that. Hmmm...

ALMAGICA - I learned something new today. Interesting tree. I wanna see it in person. You stood on it, WOW! A friend just sent me an MMS, she was hugging a tree in UPLB.

Ang daming puno dyan. Sana mapreserve at mapromote pa ng husto ang area. Beautiful post again. Very very informative.

I LOVE THE FIRST SHOT.. ang calm ng water.. sarap titigan.. nakaka kalma ng utak.. nice view.. sana may ganyan sa harap ng bahay ko.. pero nakakatakot bka may tsunami.. hehehe

@lakwatsera de primera Yes, you can kayak around. And as what the guide said, you can kayak all the way to the other lake which is lake danao. Trekking is highly recommended and will offer you the best views of the place. You will enjoy it a lot because it's nice to camp out there.

@Karla I am so happy to be able to travel around Negros. I traveled alone, and it's a very serene place which is a good place to meditate and think about life. There's just so many beautiful places in the country.

By the way, the video is now working. I now have a YouTube channel so i just embedded the video. Thanks for visiting! Cheers!

@Bonzenti [Con Tour Blog] Talaga? Wow! I hope to be able to visit Bukidnon and go there too. It's good that you're promoting the province! Thanks for visiting, i've been reading your stories too!

@Rizalenio Yes, i was smiling the whole time. di ko alam, basta i was all smiles there. Yeah, i was researching about the trees in Negros and i found that Almagica is found near Balinsasayao!

I think the problem stems from the lack of information. If the government will be hands on and inform the locals of other means of living instead of illegal logging, then we won't have this problem.

Thanks again for visiting! I wish you more trips in the future! Let's keep in touch!

@Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera Yes, i agree! ako rin, i actually wish i live there na lang para everyday nare-relax ako. By the way, you live near the ocean? Ang saya naman, that's my ultimate dream!

adding this is must-visit place in negros. i love places like this, so serene and relaxing, perfect for some reflections. thanks for sharing jerik.
pwede pang mag swim, at mura lang.
how much pala ang gastos ng fare from the city?

@journeyingjames for sure mag-eenjoy ka dito! super adventure kasi dito! medyo hassle kasi pag nag-commute dahil pagbaba mo sa highway, mahal sumingil yung mga nagmomotor. kaya mas advise to rent a motorbike yourself, or magpadrive ka before pa para sulit. di kaya lakarin medyo malayo at paakyat sa bundok. pero puwede rin for you kasi runner ka! di naman mahal, talkies na lang the driver. sa Sibulan town kasi toh, outside Dumaguete!

RedLan said...

It's a must-visit place indeed. I like the calmness and serene places like this.


We super love Dumaguete!!!! especially Lake Danao and Lake Balisasayao =D

i love this's like finding my solace when im there..just looking at it, is relaxing.
how have you been>?

Anonymous said...

It's my first time to hear about this lake. Mukhang maganda ngang mag-reflect o mag-meditate sa place na to. It's good that there are places like this where you can calm your soul and forget all your worries for a while. Thanks for sharing this!

@RedLan Hi there! i agree with you! where are you from? am i right, your from Visayas? Make a trip here, it's absolutely beautiful! i think i forgot all my worries of backlogged work! he he

@LAKWATSERA Up until now, i don't know why i didn't go to Lake Danao and only to Lake Balinsasayao! It's so beautiful out here! i don't want to forget it!

@paperbiscuits hey, long time no read! he he i am good. I am traveling again to Hong Kong and Macau tomorrow. It's nice sometimes to travel with your loved one. I want my sister to experience the immense feeling of going on a trip. so it's my treat! yey!

@mylovelylife88 i always go to places like this where i can relax and unwind. living in Manila can be stressful sometimes. no single stress cell here! all good! how are you?

Can you believe it im even more excited than your sister.hahaha.cant wait for the photos coming..lucky i wish i get to travel with enthusiatic people..i wished you'd consider on coming up an idea where you invite your readers for a for me ive never travel and party outside philippines..the last time i was in singgapore it was lame as i was with my introvert mom.hahah..i never consider that a travel. of course as new you will have to tell us how much should we bring with us..what to bring..and what to expect you know the place anyway..hahhaa..whatever..just thinking aloud.

btw thanks for dropping by on my blog.

I thought this one is named after the Balinsasayao bird. But nonetheless this is one of the pictures of untouched beauty. I hope illegal logging would be stop in the area and gave families alternative living that won't destroy nature - I have since an advocate of Going Green.

Unknown said...


I like the photo the drifted log with a boy. Thanks for your kind appreciation pala. Good luck with your travels.

@paperviscuits ha ha ha i just came back from my trip. Thanks so much for your comment. I will take that into consideration. It's always nice to inspire people. Always believe in the kindness of people. And no matter where you are in the world, remember you're representing our country, the Philippines. And always smile and be truthful, that's what Filipinos are known for. I'll try to write another post on that one. Thanks for the suggestion!

@Ian Wow! Thanks for the input about the name of the bird. didn't know about it, till you shared it. Yes, it's very sad to know that people still continue illegal logging. What's worse is the people don't know yet the repercussions of their actions. I honestly believe that with information comes awareness and responsibility. I hope the government can do something about it.

@Bonzenti I got curious with the story of the boy. He doesn't want to join his friends. I don't know why. I took this photo and realized how much this shot impressed me. Thanks!

I love reading your stories too because they're raw and honest. I follow your blog entries and i am also inspired by your vision. Thank you so much, and goodluck! Feel free to come back and read my stories. Thanks again!

chino said...

love the backdrop

@chinchan yes, it's actually a personal favorite. When i miss traveling, i look at this photo and it transports me there! Good times!

Akiko said...

I really like all the places you've been, i hope i can also visit there someday. Keep on posting.

@Akiko going to Balinsasayao is like going into 3rd painting. The place is immaculate! i love it there. You should go soon!

Anonymous said...

Good pm sir, looks like enchanted talaga kayo sa Dumaguete. pashare naman po ng itinerary nyo Dumaguete-Siquijor (recommended sites/hotels/restos to visit) if you have time po.

yung mura lang din sana gastos pero oks naman! thank you!

nov 26 10am arrival
nov 30 4pm uwi


Hi Nikka!

So sorry 'coz i don't have a fixed itinerary. Actually, i just arrived there hoping to look for fun things to do. I ended up going where people take me and recommend. You should try not having one, get spontaneous. I promise you it's more fun. :)