Save Up and Explore Japan's Most Fabulous District / Visit Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan

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Almost $4 billion in construction, Roppongi 六本木, lit. "six trees" is aptly called artelligent city located in Roppongi district in Minato, southern Tokyo. I passed by this area en route to Harajuku and was amazed by its luxurious feel. Towering the city area is the ever popular Minoru Mori Tower at 54 storeys. This megatron houses art museums, clinics, cafes, stores and offices of popular Ferrari Japan, Asahi TV, Chevron, Lenovo, and Google. Anime fans should be heading out here because The Pokemon Company holds its headquarters in this building.

If you want to be seen and hang out with the rich and famous, drop by Roppongi Keyazika Street and show off with your best look. Sample the best coffee in one of the many quiant coffee shops while people watching, Roppongi style! Ropponggi is also a big expat hang-out where dozens of embassies and international offices are located. Nightlife is also one of the city’s prime attraction offering friendly bars and clubs to foreign tourists and party animals. A tip during the day i visited, there was a big party at night. If only i knew the right people, that should be an awesome way to party in Roppongi.

One of the most interesting spots while in Roppongi is the giant spider in Roku Roku Plaza. This 10 meter bronze sculpture is called Maman. Crafted by French Artist Louise Bourgeois, if you look closely beneath the spider and look up, you will see intricate details in the body with eggs. One of the many architecture wonders in Ropponggi hills!

There's so much to explore around Roppongi district:

Tokyo City View Mori Tower, 52F. 03-6406-6652. 9:00 AM to midnight.
This viewing deck gives you a 360º view of the city from 250 meters above sea level. Don't buy an admission ticket, it is included in the Mori Art Museum ticket, which is the same price.

Mori Art Museum Mori Tower, 53F. 03-5777-8600. 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, until 5:00 PM on Tues. [3] ( This impressive art gallery hosts special exhibitions. Ticket prices vary, but students and tickets bought at 7-Eleven convenience stores and Pia ticket vendor receive a discount. The museum ticket includes admission to Tokyo City View.

Mori Urban Institute for the Future Mori Tower, 50F. 03-6406-6636. Mon to Thu 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, until 10:00 PM Fri to Sun and holidays. [4] (
Shopping and dining. In the first several floors of Mori Tower and the adjoining buildings, there are heaps of shopping spots, nearly all are upscale. Similarly, most of the restaurants have a lot of style, and with prices to match.

Virgin Toho Cinemas 03-5775-6090 [5] ( If you are going to put down the going rate of nearly ¥1800 for a movie in Tokyo, this is the place to do it. The nine-screen cinema has futuristic decor, THX and reserved seating. This theatre is open all night, so you can catch a movie if you are staying out late and are planning to catch the morning train.

Roppongi can be reached by the Hibiya and Oedo Subway Lines (Roppongi Station) and the Nanboku Subway Line (Roppongi-Icchome Station).

From Tokyo Station:
15 minutes, 160 yen by Marunouchi and Hibiya Subway Lines via Kasumigaseki Station.

From Shinjuku Station: 
10 minutes, 210 yen by direct Oedo Subway Line.

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Chyng said...

whew! did you also see it by night? for sure its spectacular!
bakit daw pala spider? bakit hindi uhmm crab? hehe

@Chyng it was around 5pm when i passed by Roppongi on my way to Harajuku. Grabe, nilakad ko lang! sayang mabilis pa naman maggabi dun. ha ha with regards to spider and hindi crab, i have no idea. i actually don't know why there's that kind of installation actually. Japan, the country surprises you all the time.

i think Roponnggi Hills also houses condo units for those who really want urban luxury living in Tokyo right?

The first photo is awesome. Nalula ako sa taas! Sana makapunta din ako sa Japan, yung snow season para kewl!

@Ian Yes, you're right and the lowest price for a flat, still way too much! ha ha but you're paying for safety, luxury and the ambiance. It felt like walking on gold in Roppongi. I've only seen in in CNN travel special about luxurious Japanese apartments. I just wished i knew someone so i could join in the fun of a private party. he he

@Traveling Nicely you read my mind. My next trip to Japan would either be winter or spring. I've never seen a snow in my life so this is something i really look forward to.