Sunday, June 22, 2014

7 Travel Commandments in Seoul, South Korea

I thought traveling to South Korea was easy. Well, no. Not because the visa was hard to acquire. Lack of preparation can actually ruin your entire trip. 

I've traveled to many places, in the really off the beaten path destinations in the Philippines to as far as Northern Thailand and West India. But never have i felt so novice as when i went to Seoul. I've always been used to macro-planning (destination, time and money). That's it. Well, to my surprise, i have to say my trip to South Korea was the most difficult. Here's how i experienced it.

Building Pyramids at Eight Elephants Hostel in Taipei

I love staying in hostels! It's fun, relaxed and you get to meet a lot of people - those who call traveling as an interest, a hobby or a sport. That's why you meet them at the right time, and at the right place... at Eight Elephants Hostel.

I stayed at this hostel when i went to Taipei. I've done a background check and the reviews were pretty fair and legitimate. It doesn't have a pool or any of those advertising superlatives which you can only find in $100/night suites. For the lack of a better word, i found the place interesting. It wasn't my first choice of accommodations, but i'm glad i switched to this place the day after. It's a pretty interesting place! There are lots of art, carefully placed in common rooms. Every corner of the hostel holds a memorabilia, a dedication from a happy guest, sorts of trinkets you would find in art gallery like post cards and doodles. 

A Screenplay about Manila, Philippines

Roughly two years ago, i went on a backpacking trip to manila. i was found wandering around this enigmatic city. The experience i had for close to one hundred sixty eight hours was more than enough to fuel my mind in writing a screenplay which i now treasure forever. It took me about a week to research, come up with sequences and finally complete the script with dialogue. 

I guess it's time to share it to everyone reading this.

In participation to this month's blog carnival entitled "Manila in Focus", i present to you the first 17 sequences of my full length screenplay.

NOTE: i cannot post the entire script because this work is intended for competition.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

7 Most Inspiring People I've Met While Traveling in the Philippines

I have seen more than I have traveled. I look outside and always find myself looking in. I have slowly grown to become someone whose mind has flourished not in the miles I have sailed across seas but with the lessons I have to come learn.

When you’re out there, eager to learn and experience, the memories of that great temple, that historical landmark, or that deep turquoise waters, all fade into a horizon. As the sun rises the next day, you will re-discover the real essence of traveling, after all. When you go back home, you know already the answers to the questions you never had the courage to ask...

I have been travelling across the archipelago for almost 50 months, and my experiences have moulded me into someone whose mind and heart have been immortalized by the kindness of people I met while I’m on the road.

100 Unforgettable Experiences in India

There's no place like India. True. And anyone daring to travel around this huge country err more like a continent, will be rewarded with experiences that will be so damn unforgettable. What you see on TV, read in the news and other blogs shared by travelers are probably true. I reckon it would be times three, once you've successfully set foot in this gorgeous country. 

Before i preempt myself with my introduction, let me share with you, based from my experiences, 100 things you have to know (you'll be glad i shared this with you) about India. Hopefully, this will help you out as you plan on this great journey to an exotic, blessed and life-changing hideaway.