Travel Diary: Exploring the Capital of the Queen City of the South - Cebu, Philippines

Walking in Cebu is hectic. Hectic in a sense that there's so much to see, and with so little time, everything becomes too overwhelming. Cebu city is located in the eastern coast of mainland Cebu in Southern Philippines. With a rich Spanish influence and a laid back charm of province life, Cebu is a prime choice for tropical living in the country. Dubbed as the commercial hot spot of the south, boasting an international airport, progressive trade and industry business and scenery that will fickle all the senses. 

The trip to Cebu was planned, months actually before the flight. I mean, I've been around Guimaras and Antique but i haven't been to Cebu. It's about time! I wanted to go to this island north of the province (watch out for this post) and it's inevitable that i make a quick stop to the city first.

Lonely Planet says i had to walk about five hundred meters from the Arrival doors of Cebu International Airport. I got myself a taxi which i paid for about P350 or roughly $7, very expensive i know. Immediately, i got myself my first chat with a local. With relatively no Cebuano blood and having no knowledge of Bisaya, surprisingly, it was a good conversation. 

The taxi driver asked me if i was from Manila. I said yes. He asked me if i was a movie star? Huh? It must be the sunglasses and the three page white bond paper i was holding (It's part of work). He must be thinking i was in Cebu for a shoot.

I love this province already. Hellsyeah! 

Cebu city was scorching hot when i was arrived. I felt every drop of perspiration. It was hot, humid and polluted. I didn't care. I actually wanted to ride public transportation but i think it was impractical, and i was running late.

For about few days in the city, i found myself wandering around and finding myself at the end of the road. I walked some more and it was dead end. I walked around Osmena Boulevard and the outskirts, and i found myself staring at a dilapidated building. How could this be? Where's that Cebu charm everyone's raving about. Maybe, i was in a totally different place? Or maybe i am just clueless!

Cebu City is comparable to Manila but i didn't want to compare the two because each city has its own charm. Manila is like a man. Cebu City is like a woman. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Totally different!

Cebu city boasts of high rise building and super malls. There's tons where to waste your money. Progression is part of the city's growth. With thousands of businessmen flying to the city day and night everyday, for the rest of the year, it's right about time Cebu city keeps up.

As a traveler, i found myself sometimes sitting in some unknown sari-sari store and ordering a bottle of "Coke sakto", as i puff a smoke, i looked around and slowly see the real charm of the city. I gaze upon the locals while i was riding the jeepneys transfering to and from, with number signs i couldn't understand and the sweltering midday sun spiking up. Imagine.

With absolutely nowhere to go and with enough time to wander some more, my days were spent cruising through the streets at the back of a motorcycle. Being the loner that i am, i go eat alone at one of the food courts in the largest mall in Cebu and just taking it all in.

If you're single guy and foreign looking, chances are you will find the city a disneyland of beautiful people. Gorgeous and tanned - Cebuanas strutting along the boulevard like a runway model. You will know where to go when you want to, what you were thinking. 

Indeed, i came here searching to find answers why everyone's raving about Cebu, instead i got myself asking so many questions. I couldn't tell if i liked it or i hated it. The hell you might care what i maybe thinking, right?

And i have no regrets visiting the city, at least it's a place new to me. 

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Why Wait for a Sea Disaster When You Can Prevent it?

During my trip to Cagbalete, I noticed a concern that I need to address to proper authorities. Although I must say it’s quite an adventure and I’m not looking for class A amenities but the ferry ride to Cagbalete from Mauban port was a bit nerve-wracking, if you know what I mean. 

First of all, the life jackets were double knotted. I am pretty sure it’ll take approximately 10 minutes to untie each and every life jacket on board.

Secondly, with the number of people riding the boat as compared to the maximum number of passengers for the trip, it is (crossing my fingers it'll never happen) a cruising disaster waiting to happen. In short, it’s overloaded! I wouldn’t mind paying higher than the fare if it meant the safety of the passengers. I’m just saying.

A Dream Come True to Backpack in the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan!

Roughly six months ago, i was jobless! :( For about two years, i was traveling on and off around Asia like Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand over and over again, etc. Last May, i finally got employed. And just last Friday, i got a word that i just got regularized. Ecstatic!!!!!!! 

A few months ago, i was contemplating on where to go next! I want to avoid going to Thailand, because I've been there three times last year and i think that was more than enough for a single year. I was beginning to be more familiar with the provinces and islands of Thailand, than in my country. I was worried.

I really really want to go to India and Nepal. And spending Halloween in Varanasi seemed like an awesome plan. But due to time constraints and overpriced flights, i decided not to push through with the plans, and instead find another country to go to. There's Indonesia and Vietnam, as well as Laos and Burma. 

But a voice inside me is saying, Go to JAPAN!

Ever since, I have always been dreaming of going to Japan because i love a country that's pulsating and so alive. I want to see costumers in Harajuku. I want to see Mt. Fuji and its beauty. I want to eat proper sushi. I want to discover the latest technology. I want to set foot in the land of the rising sun!

For Filipinos, Japan is the land of lavish dreams - good money and amazing scenery. Japan also, is always on most Filipinos' mind as their top destination in Asia. But Japan, as everybody thinks, is expensive. And the money you will spend in Japan for four days, is equal to the money you will spend in maybe Hong Kong or Thailand for more than a week. That's why a lot of people postpone their trip to Japan just so they can save up first. But i said, I've saved up big time, and earned this money from blood, sweat and tears. I am going! Dead set on this.

If you think going to Japan is painless. It's not, sad to say. It involves a tedious process, from applying for a Japanese visa to scouring the cheapest flights, and making sure you budget your money wisely.

Louis Vuitton Travel Book Collection

And i have its complete collection, finally.