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I was never raised on the road. Unlike others, where the road has become a school since they were kids, for me, it was just a dream to travel the world. 

It didn't take me long to finally fall in love and sadly, be broken-hearted. In 2007, I went to the south of the Philippines, in the province of Guimaras, where no one knows me, to get away from it all. It was a chance for me to escape for a week. The unbelievable beauty of the little town of Nueva Valencia inspired me to survive. Little did i know that i would never stop traveling since then.

After realizing that there's more to life than crying like a baby, i then went on a backpacking odyssey to  the lovely islands of Thailand. In Krabi, where time stood still for me, I spent a month living right in the middle of nowhere, communing with nature and humbling myself with the simplicity of life. It dawned on me what i want to do for the rest of my life, and that is to never stop unraveling the beauty of our planet. 

Her name was Jessica. The american backpacker i met knew i was Filipino so she never stopped calling me "Pinoy Boy". She has become a real friend, and up until now, we still reminisce good times back in 2009. 

Pinoy Boy Journals is all about stories of triumphs, defeats, and realizations on the road. This blog is my online journal, as i travel the world in search for the true meaning of happiness.


The train speeding away from Haputale to Nuwara Eliya was enchanting, and the scenery from the observation deck was so damn beautiful. I decided on so many things during the six-hour Sri Lankan epic train ride because i have nothing else to do. One of those spur of the moment decisions was to part ways with PBJ. I know it's sad but i was so ready to let this humble blog of mine go.

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