The New Beginning of Pinoy Boy Journals

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One selfie moment in Borobodur Temple Complex in Indonesia
I really, really wanted to delete this blog...for good. Seven years of inspiring people to travel the world was more than enough time for me to write stories online. I don't make my money out of this joint, and i haven't written a prose in a year. It's technically, uhmm, a dead site. 

The train speeding away from Haputale to Nuwara Eliya was enchanting, and the scenery from the observation deck was so damn beautiful. I decided on so many things during the six-hour Sri Lankan epic train ride because i have nothing else to do. One of those spur of the moment decisions was to part ways with PBJ. I know it's sad but i was so ready to let this humble blog of mine go.

Later that night, I arrived at my next destination in Kandi. I was so hungry and tired. It was raining big time, and i just discovered that the hotel i booked was non-existing. When i finally settled at another guesthouse in the neighboring town of Peradeniya that's 70% cheaper with more amazing people, that's when it hit me that all of these crazy things happened in less than 24 hours. 

Since 2007, I've been traveling alone. And this trip is, well... you guessed right, solo as well. But what happened that day were all too miserably beautiful and memorable to keep only to myself. It's that simple. 

And just like that, as i puffed a cigarette on the balcony of Paradise Inn, while drying my wet underpants, i finally made a life-changing decision. It's time for me to make a full come back and share more of these interesting stories on this blog. 

Hence, the new beginning of Pinoy Boy Journals. 


Unknown said...

Jerik ako nag tagsubaybay mo simula pa..kaya naman salamat sa pagbabalik!!

Ang drama haha! Yosi lang katapat nyan :D

@Armie Monacillo Salamat brad sa lahat ng suporta. Keep reading. Sobrang dami kong baon na kuwento. Cheers!

@Christian | Lakad Pilipinas Mismo. Pagkatapos mag-yosi, nakapag-isip isip ng mas mabuti. I'm back! Salamat, idol!