Pinoy Boy Journals x Twenty-Thirteen

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Location: Peisan Road, Vang Vieng, Laos

This is my third time drafting this post. I couldn't figure out how to say i'm back. Welcome? Hey, i'm back? Pinoy Boy Journals is back? Yo! Pinoy Boys, the blog is about to re-start right about now. 'Nuff.

All i want to say is, i sincerely and deeply miss blogging. It's been almost a year since i posted a story on this site and this new year, i vow to continue writing again. I have a handful of fans eagerly waiting for this post. You know who you are. Thank you very much for the love and support!

I reckon' this is also the only way i could thank the universe for giving me the opportunity to continue exploring this beautiful planet. I've had many attempts to discontinue this blog. All failed due to one reason alone. One person may be reading this right about now, contemplating whether to finally visit this island he's never been to, or whether he should buy this expensive gadget or book that trip to a foreign country.

If i took this site down, he may have decided to forego his plans to travel and just be confined, to err, where he or she is right now. That, i couldn't fathom. It's that simple. 

So as 2013 ushers in, so is this blog. Ladies and Gentlemen, Pinoy Boy Journals is back. 

Two - promises to make. One, i'll write about stories of people, of places, of things, of realizations, of culture, of religion, of trumphs and sorrows. Pinoy Boy Journals is all about stories - based from my experiences as i travel around the Philippines (Yes! I vow to visit all 81 provinces soon.), all countries in Asia, and maybe a few sensible and serious topics like tattoos and my love affair with beer. Two, I'll write these stories well.
Zero - times that i will be blogging about Itineraries. To tell you honestly, it's the least of my priority when i travel. I've had many trips where i didn't plot any itinerary, and it always turn out to be exceptionally successful.  Because of this, itineraries will not be the core objective of this blog. I'll be happy to endorse you to some fellow travel bloggers whose expertise in this field is impeccable.
One - trip / month is cool. More is awesome. For this year, i'm pretty convinced, it's gonna be a non-stop party on the road. Hope to see you around!
Three - people i would like to thank after all the year's that I've been traveling. One, my family, especially my parents, for their unconditional love amidst my unconventional perception of life and for their effort to understand that traveling is really my greatest passion. And i know this is one aspect of my life that i will be proud of as I look back when i'm 100 years old. Two, my readers from then and now, for continuously following my journals as i try to find more reasons to explore this beautiful earth of ours and for keeping me inspired to still travel and share it with everyone. Three, my "habal-habal"/moto/skylab drivers turned tour guides turned drinking buddies whenever i'm on the road for keeping me safe. Thanks for joining me as i rip the busy highways of Jaipur to the winding paths around Lake Sebu. 

It's gonna be an awesome 2013, kids! Let's travel!


Welcome back! And I'm still one of the your avid reader of your travel stories excited to hear the places you've been through. Its been a year but I hope you catch up. Happy 2013!

Wow! Thanks so much, Ian! I remember you always read my stories. Really, very touching. Maraming maraming salamat!

soloflightEd said...

Welcome back Jerik! I'm one of your avid readers because you really write well. Thank you by the way for sharing your stories about SEA. It helped fuel my passion to explore and interact with others. What I love best are the realizations that you share while meeting people and learning about their lives.

I've heard about your 9 months trip around South East Asia. Way to go, man! Galing!!! If only times would be different, i would probably do the same thing. Hope to read more of your stories. Ano pinaka-favorite mong country so far?

Anonymous said...

I've been reading around your blog and was easily converted.
I love po your writing style, one of the rarest kinds in the travel blogging arena. :) looking forward for more Maraming, maraming salamat! Nakakataba naman ng puso yung comment. Keep reading!