Trekking Above the Clouds in Negros Oriental, Philippines

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I often wonder what it is like to be up there. You know, when you look up from the bottom, all you could see are vast empty spaces of nothingness. All you could see are green patches of the unknown. And all you could ask yourself is when will you be there?

I have a confession to make. I am not a fan of  wild adventures in the mountains. As much as i would want to consider the activity, i often find myself choosing more to sit by the coconut tree and swim in azure waters than to torture myself from trekking. I am one lazy traveler, i know. And I live for the ocean.

If you would read my stories of the places i have visited, whether it is in the Philippines like GuimarasAntiqueCebu or Bohol or around Asia like Thailand and Cambodia, it's mostly about beaches.  I never knew my concept of an awesome adventure would change when i went to Negros Oriental

Trips going to the mountains aren't always 100% safe. There's a risk of high-altitude sickness or if you're unlucky - falling debris from soft rocks, landslides and of course, manual error from your driver/guide as you rip those improbable roads. Before, i always ask myself why would people risk their lives for a few hours up there? Maybe, it's all part of the adventure making the trip to the top so much sweeter. Maybe.
I love to commune with my surroundings but i guess it's a totally different experience when you're up there, up above the mountains. As i look back at my trip to Negros, I discovered I was actually cruising most of the time, at about 1000 meters above sea level. I couldn't imagine myself up there, on a motorbike. Others have conquered the best of heights. I actually got inspired by a story from a fellow travel blogger, Claire of Lakwatsera De Primera with her story about Mt.Guiting-Guiting in Romblon, plus another travel blogger/colleague of mine, Patti of Life's My Trip who's just finished a trek at the Taroko gorge in Taiwan.  These two are just some of the many amazing people who live to share their experiences. These brave and courageous travelers continue to fuel my passion for traveling, and at greater heights.

This trip in Negros Oriental was an incredible experience that i live to remember forever. With ears popping and cold mist of the wind touching my skin, i will definitely do it again in a heartbeat. 

My fondest memory of Negros was when i stopped by at this very spot. As the engine of the motorbike stopped, the hypnotic sounds of nature became more familiar to my ears. The water from the falls. The flock of birds chirping. The soft sound of the wind from the east. I imagined what would it be like if i live here. I thought of sleeping to the lullaby of the angry howls of the mountain winds, and waking up to the warm rays of the eastern sun. It seemed perfect for me, one i never knew i always wanted. I watched as the little kids play amidst it's killer cliffs to the side, and old men sitting by the dilapidated bench a few steps away from falling down the ravine. I signed my guide to wait a little while, I was having such a grand time. This is unlike anything I've ever experienced.

Sometimes, i think about what if i give myself a month to live in the mountains. How will i change? What will my life be? Would i still be fascinated with the ocean, or shall i opt to live together near the clouds?

The irony of it all is whether you're down in the shore or on top of the ridge, your imagination runs free in circles. You start to wander in spectacle. And you end up hoping in the end. You imagine yourself there, curious and eager for realizations to unfold . 

"I was high above the mountains and all i could think of is what's waiting for me down there... will always be there... just waiting for me."


Whether you like mountains or seascapes, mother nature will not fail to please those who appreciate the beauty of simple things. :) Kaya ituloy mo na rin ang career sa kabundukan, nakakapagod pero may kakaiba rin syang reward at thrill :)

pusangkalye said...

""I am not a fan of wild adventures to the mountains. As much as i would want to consider the activity, i often find myself choosing to sit by the coconut tree and swim in azure waters than to pain myself from trekking. I am one lazy traveler.""

---quote--pareho tayo. pero congratulations. you conquered yourself and went out of your comfort zone. And I am sure it was an empowering decision. in my case---good luck parin sa mga mountain climbs. hahaha

Ed said...

haha. ako ok lang ang mountains, trip ko pa rin ang beach. but it's good to experience the other side of nature to balance the scenery. eitherway it's still a win-win situation to have experienced both worlds.

If I plan to live in the mountains, I know I need to have WiFi service available. kelangan ko lang ang internet talaga. hehe

Jorie Pacli said...

I've always wanted to venture the mountains (like trekking) but I'm afraid my body's condition cannot take it though so I just resort to sightseeing and relaxing by the beach in most of my travels... Perhaps, next time I'll get the opportunity to back Philippines, I'll try to explore some mountain ranges for my adventures... Cheers for a wonderful post Jerik! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I can relate. Tamad din ako umakyat ng bundok hehe, but I agree that it really feels great when you finally reach the top. It's like an accomplishment. I loved the pictures of the mountain by the way. Parang ang lamig lamig dun sa taas :-)

@lakwatsera de primera i know i'm quite curious what's the feeling when you're up there! what do you suggest na mountain for a beginner's climb? I'm really interested to trek! he he i'll read some of your feats para mainspire!

@pusang kalye but i saw your photos in Nagsasa. I've been there but i didn't leave the beach. Saya siguro para maganda ang view sa taas! he he thanks! Been really using your Hong Kong and Macau itineraries. Medyo nakalimutan ko na pasikot-sikot eh!

@Ed i work as a digital manager in an advertising agency, i also need the internet. the other day i want to tweet sana na i am 18hrs online everyday! Iba talaga nung nasa tuktok na ako. i never expected i was about 1000 meters above sea level. paakyat lang ng paakyat sa motor. iba ang view. isang malaking HANEP! he he

@Jorie Pacli sobrang di pang mountain climbing ang lifestyle ko eh! i also prefer to just chill in the beach and do absolutely nothing. maybe this 2011 it's time for me to start trekking. Mukhang fun kapag nag-camp and then continue the trek to the top. i just wish they device a way para naka-cable car na pababa! hahaha Jorie, where are you pala based? Saw your blog about Australia? You live there? I long to go to Bondi, para di lang Bondi rescue ang pinapanuod ko every night. he he :)

@mylovelylife88 ha ha i know. kasi diba mas masarap mag-relax relax lang. for others dun nila nahananap yung relaxation when they go through the trek. i know soooobrang lamig na sa taas. good thing, i brought with me my jacket. Ibang high talaga sa Negros! Kumusta ang travel plans for 2011?! Hope you can continue to travel the world. Also, hope you can also visit island provinces in Visayas. Super worth it!

zodio said...

great post. and, i know where ur coming from, being a beach person myself. But, looking at all that greenery you were surrounded with... lovely and very refreshing.