A Very Special Message to a Beloved Province: Marinduque, Philippines

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I started my journey to the island province of Marinduque riding on top of a jeepney. I knew right there and then, this trip would be memorable. With no expectations at all, this particular place etched a favorable spot in my heart.

It is indeed the land of simple-living and gentle people -- where money is not a priority and friendships are indeed treasured, where everyone is welcome, amidst the close knit of families here. I could have been bored with the lack of modernity around, instead, i was continuously amazed by how so much simplicity made all the difference in me.

As i write this story (for the nth time), within the comforts of my room, i would surely want to exchange this for something back there. I would trade a cool, pampered life with laid back simple living.

Time is slow.

Time is well spent. 

Time is treasured. 

Time is kept.

Our daily worries become extinct in this province. The people here don't care about missed deadlines, they care about missed rains. I was chatting with a charming old lady one hot afternoon and that was what she said. As i look back, i realized that life isn't about complications. It's all about simple joys!

Amidst the never-ending talks of witchcraft here, i could vow to prove it otherwise. No, there are no "Aswangs" or "Manananggals" in this province.

We're all quick to judge.

Truth is, were judging ourselves.

On my last night in this province, i almost lost my way back to my shack. With only the full moon as the light, with dogs barking and unknown creatures lurking, imagine the fear and anxiety building upon me. A man suddenly appears and helped me find my way back home. With relatively no expectations of a reward, it dawned on me... I'm lucky to be here.

This province has changed me in so many ways.


Living in the city is living worry-free. But i highly recommend you visit this magical province. It's one of the hidden gems of this country. 

The nature, the wonders, the mysteries and the people...

Amidst the missed ferries and broken relationships, God has paved a way for me to discover this place.

With its beauty and splendor...

What a pleasure it was, i know i will never forget, for the rest of my life.

Marinduque, you are special!


flipnomad said...



@flipnomad its getting serious actually... i miss traveling the world!


hello! i love Marinduque and i think you're hometown is this lovely province. Good to know. Be proud. Its one of the best in the Philippines! Cheers!

Thank You Pinoy boy Journals regarding your comments about Marinduque. One of my goals in life is to make the island a tourist attractions not only on Easter but also whole year round. The tourism money will help the economy of this poor province. Keep up with the good work. You write so beautifully.


Thanks so much for the lovely comment. I am humbled. Only two provinces in the Philippines i have been that i will never forget, one of which is Marinduque.

If there is anything i can do to be of service in helping this province, do let me know. I will be more than willing to do it. Its not called the "Heart of the Philippines" for nothing, right?

R. Gratz said...

And that picture is just genius!!! It's tid bits like this that make traveling totally worth it! :) Lovely culture, lovely everything! :)


hey man, thanks for the comments! looks like yer from the states. You know US and the Philippines have this special relationship goin'! Thanks brotha! Do holler if you need anything! Cheers man!

Oh and how cool is this mode of transportation. totally diggin' this whenever i'm going south where this happens!

Ricky said...

That island is really special. I've been to many places in our country, but there are many unexplainable experiences in Marinduque that you'll never forget. Yes, Marinduquenos are wonderful and the most hospitable people in the Philippines.Many tourists keep on coming back and start to discover this hidden paradise. Sometimes,I would want it not to be developed into one of major tourist spots for its original charm and natural beauty will be degraded. Thank you Pinoy Boy, you are brilliant, genius, great!


Thank you very much. This message is really heartwarming. Actually, one of the reasons why i blogged about Marinduque is that token of appreciation for the great welcome of the province. Imagine, 80% of the time i was in the province i was alone and although at times, i get a little uneasy but in the end, i could honestly say that Marinduque is if not, the safest province in the Philippines.

I love the humility of the people, the simplicity of life, the beauty of the waters and the mountains.

I agree with you at one point that i want it to be less commercialized with very few people so that beauty remains intact. On the other hand, i've discovered how hard life is for the people back there. The question is what is more important, the beauty of the place or the livelihood of the people?

Come back again to this site! thanks ricky!

Anonymous said...

i love Marinduque...
mis ko na mga tropa ko sa tigwi, torrijos

mis ko na mag inom sa may tuklong, at matulog sa dampa pagkatapos kumain ng gulay na langka at tortang dulong. yano baya.. eheh, hamos kita sa malindig

@Anonymous I really miss Marinduque. I always say there are two provinces I've been to that really made a mark in my life, and one of which is Marinduque. The people and the scenery are so beautiful! I will never forget them!

Ano ibig sabihin ng "hamos kita sa malindig?"