Travel Notes from Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines

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This is my first and last post before i head back home! booo!
I got so dark from all my beach trips, snorkeling excursions and motorbike rides. I just ripped a hundred kilometers on the road, and I'm now somewhere i don't know where, with a spotty internet connection in a really isolated internet shop here in Dumaguete City. There's no internet connection in Siquijor town except that of Dagman's computer. He's such a really amazing and inspiring man. You should all head to Villa Marmarine when you're in Siquijor. I had a grand time chatting with other travelers. I'm the only Filipino traveler there, excluding the friendly staff - Max and Michael.

I'm just so happy i made the right choice. Villa Marmarine is hands down the best resort/guest house I've ever stayed in the Philippines. The best part is, I got three days accommodations free. 

My head has been spinning from riding the motorbike everyday. I was able to visit little towns in Siquijor and now in Negros Oriental. I went to Valencia to see the waterfalls and Japan shrine which is still not yet written in Lonely Planet. It was so exciting to be on top of the mountain and see a great view of Negros and Siquijor islands. The other day, I just came from a trip to Apo island, that's why i'm wearing the t-shirt right about now. By the way, i don't have anymore clothes with me which is a bummer.

If i'm lucky in terms of accommodations in Siquijor, Harold's mansion in Negros Oriental sucked my balls big time. It's the worst guesthouse I've ever stayed in. For a backpacker room, i am sleeping in a coffin made of plywood. The worst part is, the room is not yet finished. There's no paint yet and you can still smell the plywood. 

I just hit the shower and cleaning inside my room when one of the attendants actually used the spare key to open my room door. He thought no one is staying there. Oh my God! I'm just keeping my cool because everybody seems to love the accommodations there. I wonder why. The people manning the place, including Harold himself, are the worst set of people I've ever met in my life. I've been staying there for three days, and every time i go back to the hotel, everyone from the guard whom i talked to earlier and the attendants, never fail to ask me if i stay there. It's weird and i find it very humiliating and irritating. The hell with the owner who didn't even bother to welcome me when i got there. Five seconds later, a Swede couple arrived, and there goes Harold with all smiles and saying "Hey, come come!" Will i write about this on my blog? Yes, sir!

For more good news, I was tagged along with a local family vacationing in Apo island. I was happily invited to join them in their boat, and ride back to Dumaguete. God bless that family!

Tomorrow, i will travel around Negros Oriental for the very last time. My awesome driver/guide and buddy, Alex, is picking me early in the morning to go to Sibulan to see the twin lakes and waterfalls. I met a cool guy from Holland in Siquijor whose suppose to be in the same flight as mine going back to Manila, so that should be fun!

Anyway, i'm outtie for now. I was just walking around Dumaguete City when stumbled upon this internet shop so i thought to write. I'm hoping to find a cool place to hang out and down a couple of beers tonight.


C A R L A said...

that's what i usually hear about Harold's Mansion :) Enjoy your Sibulan trip. It will be on my itinerary next time I visit that town, twin lakes and waterfalls.

@CARLA yes, everything about this trip is perfect except for Harold's. He's friendly with foreigners but with local tourists, he sucks! Yes, Sibulan is beautiful and on you're way up to the twin lakes, you could see the view of Cebu and Liloan! Gorgeous white sand beach! waaahhhhh

ayan said...

ey sir, plano ko pmunta siquijor either bukas or monday... pero tipid trip to pnagpplanuhan ko maigi..hehe
meron ba public transpos like jeep to roam around the island... no idea yet on where to stay..and what are the must-see o must do sa siquijor? tnx bai

who says youre maroon? youre worries everyone loves chocolate anyway.

@Ayan just read your comment now. hope you have a blast in Siquijor as much as i did. Remember my text message, P500 more or less for the island tour on a motorbike. The best way to travel around towns.

@paperbiscuits, at first it was maroon, after a few days going back to looking like a chocolate! i just love the beach, i can't help it!