Travel Notes from Sinat Guest house, Bangkok, Thailand

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On my last night in Bangkok, i went out for some last minute shopping. I bought a couple of skirts for my sisters and mom, some tees for myself and my brother, Thai silk boxers for my dad and souvenirs like the frog with the stick you scratch on its back. Pretty trippy stuff! It may sound a little annoying at first but believe me it grows on you! And i have no idea what its for. It worked out fine because my little nephew actually liked it.

I went out with Adam for one last time along Khao San Road, bought a couple of pints at a stall near 7-11 and then met up with a group of backpackers who just got back from a 6 month journey from India - Spanish and Aussies. I downed a couple of big bottles of Chang that night so i was pretty loaded. Had a discussion with the Spaniards as to where did San Miguel Beer originate. To cut the long story short, i lost the debate as the brewed beer came from Spain not in Manila. But that was okay, we both loved the beer anyway.

I went back to Sinat to fix some stuff, waited for my bus transport to the airport. It was around 9PM that time. I went outside for a smoke, i was in front of the guesthouse trying to remember the first day i arrived. After almost two weeks, I'm saying goodbye to go back home. It was sad. I was so bummed out. Said goodbye to Adam, and the rest of the folks at Sinat. Telling them I'll be back in January and that i most definitely will stay there again. I know i will. This part is killing me big time!

The bus arrived loaded with two backpackers, a Korean who's been in Bangkok for just three days, all in all four days of vacation. What? There was also an Argentinian dude who's now based in London. And we spent the trip talking about Pingpong (haha!) and how it sucks big time when you're leaving and your friends staying. All of us felt the same way, so it was pretty nice knowing the feeling is mutual and you're definitely not alone.

I arrived at the airport. Suvarnabhumi is so beautiful. Wait a minute. The bus left, and i just asked the guys if they paid anything.  Because i didn't! I wanted to run back to the driver but he left already. So that's how i will remember Bangkok, giving something to me without asking anything in return.

The next few hours was spent waiting for my plane to depart. I was listening to some tunes on my iPod. Looking at all the amazing photos i have on my camera. And then i left with a heavy heart. For the first time, in all of my travels, tears were falling from my eyes. This is not cheesy. Some random thing, i guess. When you've fallen in love with a country, things like this happen when least expected. Heck, i didn't even mind if the flight back to Manila was so turbulent. For the first time, i was able to nap on the flight. I was just so depressed to be going home. I really wanted to stay for more days or maybe weeks. But i knew, my home is in Manila.

It was a memorable experience for me; a trip of a lifetime, a journey i can talk about forever to my friends back home. The story of my journey is ground breaking. I am not just talking about a beautiful scenery but memories that will live with me forever. The good thing though, is that i have more years ahead of me to go back whenever i can. Filipinos don't need a visa. With enough savings, i will last for another month in the country of smiles. 


I left Bangkok a few days earlier when the massive rally around Suvarnabhumi airport started taking place. I wanted to stay for one more week, head to Chiang Mai and then come back after four days to Bangkok and fly to Manila from there. Good thing though, i left for Manila already, coz if not, shit would happen. And i'd be stuck in BKK, not that its not a good thing. It's quite an adventure actually.

Next thing to do is to plan for my next trip this 2009. To continue my broken route across South East Asia. I have to draft the plans already. But i have no clue where to start. I'll get there after the holidays. Merry Christmas!