Snorkeling and Diving in Balicasag Island, Bohol, Philippines

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STORY: The pride of Bohol is found underwater. I think amazing is definitely an understatement how gorgeous it is to be down there. There are numerous spots where you could dive/snorkel around Panglao Island. You could go to the numerous dive shops littered along the coast of Alona Beach. The resort where i stay offer them. It's Bohol Divers Lodge. 

You could hook up a boat ride to Balicasag Island anytime you like. It would be cheaper if you could tag along some more people to share the cost, and just pay individually if you're diving, snorkeling, or just cruising around.

If you're a non-diver like me and unlike my french friends, don't be so sad. You could opt for some snorkeling.  It's actually better, no worries before and after if you dive. No preparations, and no extra charges because you're using your own oxygen. 

I actually went to Balicasag island two days straight to explore the colorful marine life of Bohol. For about less than $6, you could rent your snorkeling gear. I've read so many great reviews how rich the underworld is in this part of the world. And i wouldn't leave Bohol not experiencing it, even for a bit.

Being the only Filipino besides the "Manong tour guide", i braved the experience. I know how to swim but i wouldn't let go of my floaters, not after watching this movie where two divers were left out in the open sea. I forgot what it's called and i don't want to remember it. 

After a few minutes, i started to descend slowly but surely. Armed with a low-tech underwater camera which proved why it's a low tech camera after all, i continued gliding in the vast ocean space. Eventually, I swam quite far from the boat. The view was amazing, i favor looking up at the sky, but looking down now is just perfection. But mind you, you could figure how deep the sea is as you look further down you can see it's all black, meaning it's really deep. I remember swimming with all sorts of fish, zebra prints, yellow ones, colorful patched sea animals, one in silver and actually i think i swam with a barracuda. 

Luckily, i was able to spot about two or three huge turtles. On my way back to Panglao, i happen to see a dolphin showing off. Very nice. Totally worth it. The corals were a great tapestry of color presentation. It's nice because it's not everyday you see how beautiful the Philippines' under water world is. I actually loved the experience and would probably snorkel again when i get to Cebu, and hopefully later on in Palawan. Unless i finally quit smoking, i think i can start intro diving.

Information: "Balicasag Island is where you will find a 400 meter marine sanctuary of healthy corals with plenty of pelagic visitors characterized by vertical walls over deep waters with strong currents. Balicasag Island diving in December or January can offer treats of Hammerhead Sharks and sometimes Whale Sharks.

A sandy shell coral line beach surrounds the island, which in turn, is fringed by a narrow reef shelf, 30-165 ft/10-55m wide. The shelf, which is 15-25ft/3-8m deep, terminates into a perpendicular underwater down to depths beyond 250ft/83m on the north and northwest face of the reef." Additional text sourced from here

For more information about diving in Bohol click the link here which gives you a 101 and the different dive spots found around Balicasag Island


i've been dying to go here to snorkel. i've heard so much about this place frm friends! sana nga magawa ko xa nxt year. and abt diving, wanna try it out nxt year cguro.

@thepinaysolobackpacker yes yes!!! it's really good. Now, that you've reminded me. It's been ages since i last snorkeled. Last one was in Bantan Island which was also good. But snorkeling in Balicasag is different. Just comes to show how amazing marine life is in the Philippines, regardless where you go! Now, i will be snorkeling somewhere in Mindanao sea before the year ends. Cheers!!!

Caramoan said...

Wow great pics. Very nice. Im planning on going to Bohol next year and this will definitely be on my to do list. Thanks for the post

@Caramoan Thanks! You have to visit Bohol, and actually now everyone's raving about Virgin isle. You have to see that, too. Cheers!

Tito Eric said...

Beautiful underwater shots!

I will be going to Balicasag this Sunday to go diving for the very first time.

I've just started a blog that you may want to check out every now and then:


Tito Eric

@Tito Eric Thank you for visiting. Enjoy the diving! :)