Travel Notes from Bangkok, Thailand

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How do i describe such an eventful flight and rockin first night in bangkok? First, i was surprised that celebrities do try to be thrifty. They were in the same flight as i am. But that's another funny story to tell. Maybe next time.

In order to get a cheaper cost for the taxi from Suvarnabhumi, i hooked up with a couple - a girl from Sweden and an English guy. What was suppose to be 400 baht became 100 baht each as we split the cost. Looking very good. The lovely couple came from Malapascua in Cebu, Philippines. They stayed there for three weeks. I haven't been there. Nice!

I just settled in my room, not really cheap-cheap but it was okay. It was about 1AM when i arrived, and i needed to drop off my huge bags. I have a strong feeling, i over-packed again. But heck, at least, i get to save money and not buy anymore of the good stuff here in Khao San Road. There's just too many nice things.

Right now, i am well over my budget but i rewarded myself for my first night. A bottle of Chang was suppose to be my sole date for the night, and then somehow the vibe kept getting better and i was ordering more. It was actually one of those road side beer stalls with matching mono block chairs in place. Police are crazy here, they come around and just relax for a bit. They try to make everyone leave. These poor guys are working their asses of to earn. What's worse, travelers here are on holiday. C'mon! 

But, i went back. I got a free beers from the Thai girl owner. She was very nice to me. I went back to the hostel around 6AM to catch some sleep. I woke up around 10AM, and obviously hammered. Three hours of sleep - not really very nice.

It was a very good night. It was chilled and everyone was just so relaxed. We were talking about how backpackers are such a snob when they're walking, and maybe it was the heavy weight on their backs. But a little smile wouldn't hurt, right? All of this, while we were helping the beer vendors sell more bottles.

Right now, i am sitting in a computer shop, writing as much as i can to remember what i do everyday. Internet here is cheap, about 10 baht for 15 minutes and you put coins so you can extend. I am nearing 13 minutes, and i want to write more. But i need to doze off in a bit. I walked around Khao San and Chao Phraya river. The heaps of places i went to before are surely missed.

I really miss this girl i met last November 2008. She's French-Vietnamese, and i met her on the train in Surrathani. I just walked to where we used to walk before and eat. Sorry for being a little sentimental.

Anyway, I just booked a ticket going to Chumphon and the night sleeper train which i have will leave Lumphini at around 7PM so i need to be there in a few hours. Journey takes about less than 8 hours. I miss riding the trains. It's long and a perfect romantic set up. I am now with my friend, Melissa. Everyone thinks we're a couple. We're just friends. Last night, i met this very cute Brazilian girl. She's very pretty! More of them please when i head down south. ;)

See you, Koh Tao, tomorrow. Can't wait to head to the beach!!!


How's the feeling being there in bankok? Have a nice trip there!

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bridge said...

graaaaaaabe. pay you back buy me a thai ref magnet and keychain and shawl. at saka weird earrings you can find over there. if you can't buy everything prioritize the weird earrings and keychain. thankies jerik!!!!!!!!! enjoy!!!!!!!

@sikat ang pinoy it was a really good trip. bangkok is a hit or miss. i've met many people from around the world. they either love it so much they want to live there, or they hate it so much they want leave.

@ bridge, sorry for the lack of budget i wasn't able to buy so many souvenirs, but i bought a pair of lovely dangling earings i know you will love.. see you soon!