Stop, Look and Don't Drive: Manila, Check This Out!

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 B Side @ The Collective

About a week after i arrived from a month-long trip to the Mekong, i sent a blast text message to my friends -  “I miss you guys, let’s get drunk!”

I partied the whole night and was found gate-crashing a private party and ended up on the VIP table upstairs later that night (okay...morning!)where the DJ was playing some mean electro beats. It was four in the morning, and a night of binge drinking was getting into my head. I was tired and nauseous. It was disastrous, to say the least. Although it seemed to be cool dancin’ and prancin’ while you're on your third glass of Jack, it can get really really bad when you’re so wasted. Good thing my good ‘ol buddy was taking me home from Makati to Quezon City. I slept in the car while we were cruising Edsa and i suddenly felt the need to wake up. My friend was almost falling asleep. I immediately got up, talked to him to wake him up till we both get home safe. Wheeeew, that was real real close.
 Vinyl Anniversary Party @ The Collective

I am not gonna bombard you with the cons of drinking. You have to know that already. If you read this blog and my nightlife adventures, you’ll probably have an idea already how i come to life at night. When you’re 18, yeah maybe you want to impress that hot chick and you want to get drunk to boost your confidence asking that hot shot to dance with you. But when you’re 20 something already, you know why it ain’t cool when you’re drunk and you're speeding away with your chick. Choices, choices! Let’s choose to be responsible, alright?!
 B Side @ The Collective

In search of what’s hip and happening in Manila nightlife, i learned about this cool project of Toyota and this black LED installation around Metro’s hottest bars and clubs. It’s similar to the street traffic light, only it’s all mixed up with a heavy duty sign “Alcohol Affects Your Judgment!”.  I am pretty sure half of those in the club were confused but they will surely be more confused when they're on the highway already. Trust me!

What do you think about it? I reckon this should be a permanent fixture in all clubs. It’s good lighting (right?), conversation piece and the message is absolutely spot on. It’s such a witty attack to it’s target market, drunk drivers!

Admit it, we’re the generation that loves to challenge the norm and the system. Wannabe rock stars who want to drink and drive, but we are not rock stars and that act isn’t necessarily cool, most especially, when you’re in the hospital emergency room after, lifeless.
 Club 360 @ A. Venue

I got excited for this new concept hoping it’ll change how the Filipino Youth view drinking in general. It’s okay to drink and get hammered but it’s another to be stupid driving when you’re intoxicated with too much alcohol.

We have a lifetime ahead of us, an instance of carelessness, that exciting life of yours may be cut short.

I am sharing this post with my good ‘ol buddy with the hopes that he will learn that drinking and driving ain’t worth it. I’m pretty sure he’ll be sharing this to his drinking buddies, too.


vin said...

didn't notice that the color was not in accordance with the description until i read your blog hahaha

on a serious note, yes. drinking & driving is a risky thing. we should all be responsible drinkers. kampai!

Ed said...

very cool ng concept ng advertisement! i had to pause for awhile para magets ko yung meaning. haha. true jerik. let's all be responsible drinkers!


Ang daming cases ng road accidents lalo na months ago esp sa Cavite area. I think, don sila humaharurot after gimik. Tsk tsk tsk.

I saw this ad of toyota first here. Sana i-post din ito sa ibang bars. Ito ang pinakafear ko sa gabi, ang may makasalubong na may nagmamanehong lasing. Yikes.

@vin You're right! I'm 27 and i've had my share of irresponsible drinking. At this age, i couldn't afford to get so wasted. Di na ako high school. This concept is really cool. Parang level up toh for the people of Manila. I thought i will only see these kinds of endeavors in Europe!

@Ed How is it naman in Cebu? Are there a lot of drunk drivers around? In Manila, it's really really bad. Eh yung nasa car pa ako ng drunk driver so imagine others. He he Kumusta bai?

@Rizalenio Maybe these drunk drivers are all heading to Tagaytay. Kasi like i know of people, including me, na nag-aaya mag Tagaytay after a heavy night drinking in Manila. I agree with you, kung hindi ka man lasing while driving, yung makakasalubong mo naman! Wala kasing ganung ka-strict rules about drunk driving in Manila!

ayan said...


Parker said...

From what I know there are no DUI (Driving Under the Influence) laws in the Philippines. Its not surprising though, eh helmet law nga wala. I feel though its only a matter of time before the government decides to have DUI and helmet laws with all the accidents happening.

@ayan now with recent news of car accidents maybe attributed to drunk driving and/or sleeping while driving. we should do something to level up this concern.

@parker the nature of Filipinos is, kung meron lang mangyari tsaka magwo-worry, otherwise ok lang. In Cambodia and Vietnam, i can't ride the motorcycle without a helmet on. This issue is something the government should take into consideration. we cannot afford to lose lives just like that.

Party venues are all around the metro.