The Beach House of Calatagan in Batangas, Philippines

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STORY: When i went to Calatagan in Batangas, i stayed in a lovely house by the beach. It's actually owned by a colleague of mine from work and is currently open for rent. This charming beach house sits in the southern tip of the province, nestled with a commanding view of Mindoro Province and the awe-inspiring Verde Island passage way. Away from the huge crowds of Lago De Oro and Playa de Calatagan, the Beach House is a lovely escape from the mad number of people flocking to Batangas during weekends. It's quiet and relaxing out there, perfect for those who want to de-stress!

A group of ten hungry advertising moguls traveled to Batangas in search for some time away from work, and the house was the perfect backdrop for that. The house can actually accommodate up to 16 people. This two-floor, four-bedroom lovely shack also has large dining, kitchen and living area on the first floor and a spacious family hall on the second floor. The best part is the awesome view of the sea and the horizon from the balcony. Waking up to roosters crowing and watching the sun rise from the house is definitely a must-experience!

If this house was a bit smaller, i would probably rent it out for a week because i travel solo most of the time. I would spend my days, lounging by the beach, drinking beer and finally going back into writing my screenplay and novel. 

A sad truth from my previous post, there is more in making this place clean and green. Because the beach house is located away from its commercialized neighbors, locals frequent the area. That is not necessarily a bad thing because it actually adds charm to the place. Since it's not as developed as its contemporaries, the place is not as well-kept as it should be. I hope when i get back next time, the local people will learn to clean up their acts and preserve the beauty of Calatagan's coast. Apart from that, there's no reason for me not to go back.

The Beach House


wow! mapuntahan nga ito some time soon... malapit lang ako d2... =D


Ang ganda ng beach house.

Aileen Siroy said...

Thanks for this info! My friends and I dive in Batangas often and we are always on the look out for new places to stay. :) Beautiful!

@Pinoy Adventurista What i like also about the place is its interiors! It felt home but at the same time like a decent resort! Basta, sarap dun! Check it out, sometime! From Batangas ka pala?!

@Rizalenio Yes, take your girlfriend with you. I would love to spend a week there and just write my novel. It's a love story, by the way! ha ha

@Aileen Siroy Wow! Yup, contacts are found after the review. It's nice there, you and your friend would have an aweeesome time! It's made for friends, actually!

This is a nice place worth it ang 4 hours na byahe...

nice find jerik, I like uncrowded beaches as well and finding a nice place to stay near it is great treat.

@Ian Yes, i find it quiet, non-commercialized and homey! All in all, a good place to spend the weekend!

@lakwatsera de primera we're the same! I like uncrowded beaches too. And this one is a good choice! Thanks, Claire!