Aweeesome 5 travels in Quezon City, Metro Manila

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It was during the month of May when my friends came over to the Philippines to have a vacation. One epic trip for them, and one hell of an experience for me. The story is about two years old but I still consider it one of the best and most memorable trips of my life. That’s why when the theme "Best one-day itineraries" was chosen for this month’s blog carnival, I have to give it to this one for my story.

If you’re expecting an action packed one day itinerary, you’re not going to find it here! There are no itineraries, no tourist hot spots, no plan at all. Actually, this was the laziest trip ever in my life!

Meet the Aweeesome Five!
Brian (New Zealand)
Anieka (England)
Baz (Australia) 
MM (Philippines)
 and of course, me (Jerik) from the Philippines!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the story how we all made the most out of a 24 hour trip to one of Metro Manila’s most popular city, the home of the stars, the city of new horizons! Quezon….City!!! lol :)

12mn. "Tambay sa Bahay" - NSEV, Commonwealth Avenue
 When you’re a north kid and you want to drink, chances are you’ll head to Makati for your Jack Coke fix. But if you’re not in the mood to party and travel all the way down south, take the party with you at home. We’ve been going out every night this week and tonight we decided to crash a little early.  We set up and watched a sloppy movie called "Pineapple Express!"

A movie marathon wouldn’t be complete without a few bottles of San Miguel each and three huge bags of Tempura and Oishi Crackers with chilli vinegar ( Anieka's personal favorite) on the side. Amount of money spent, less than P300 or $6! An excellent way to show your foreigner friends a unique Filipino experience is actually to spend less and laugh more!

12nn."Casa de Jerik" - NSEV, Commonwealth Avenue
So, it was about noon when we woke up at my house, Case de Jerik. Later, I found out that Brian was already awake by 9 am but was shy to wake me up. For foreigners going to the Philippines, you’ll be getting more sleep that you can ever have in a day. We all headed straight to the dining room and all four of them joined my family of six over lunch. What we had: Ilokano Pinakbet, Nilagang Baka, Fried Tilapia and a bottle of coca-cola no less. True Blue Pinoy Meal!!! I am pretty sure they’re surprised at how the whole family eats together. I wanted to show them how we Filipinos, value our homes and our families. They often tell me over cigarette break after a meal that they eat lunch out almost all the time, or while watching TV in their room. In the Philippines, you have to stop whatever it is you’re doing and eat together!

2pm. "La Mesa Eco Park" - East Fairview
It was Sunday and it was scorching hot outside. None of us wanted to travel all the way to Manila. We wanted to stay in for the day but I reckoned it’s best to at least go somewhere near. With the most brilliant idea being Lamesa Eco Park, off we go there. It was a fun afternoon for all of us. A few minute drive to East Fairview Subdivision, you'll be awarded with a cool breeze and a relaxing atmosphere!

In the middle of the city, lies a reservoir and a park where one can breathe fresh air. It was a very light day and we all didn’t have an itinerary so we just walked wherever like the Lopez Picnic Grounds, Shell Flower Terraces and Super Ferry Boating Lagoon among others. Stopped every now and then to take photos, and laughed at everyone’s antics. 

 We all sat for a bit and talked about the trip so far. They were nearing the end of their three-week journey to the Philippines and we're all getting emotional. Of course not! It was good bonding for us, one i am sure each and everyone of them will never forget. The country is getting there in terms of making the nation go green through the government and other group's  effort to materialize the plan to make the Philippines safer and cleaner!

4pm."Somewhere we don't remember where" - Commonwealth Avenue
After leaving La Mesa Eco Park, we got a bit hungry. I wanted to make sure my friends got the best of this day trip. I was actually thinking how it was almost non-sense what we’re doing. If you live along Commonwealth Avenue, you’ll see a few stalls of this burger joint. Although it’s not as cheap as Scott’s Burger and its infamous buy 1 take 5, it’s Burger Machine time for us!!! And we absolutely loved our merienda here. For fun, we all ordered but 1 take 1 burger . And although, passers-by were all looking at us like what the hell we're doing, we didn’t care. The smiles of my friends were enough to answer my question if they’re having a good time. The burgers in the Philippines are out of this world at less than $1 for two. As i always say, only in the Philippines!

5pm. "Cruising the highway" - Fairview / Commonwealth Avenue / Philcoa
While on the road, we decided to cruise along the highway. Commonwealth Avenue is said to be even wider than Edsa. Although the highway is a killer, the latest implementation of 60 km max speed should help make the highway safer for pedestrians. While riding MM’s car, we blasted 107.9 for some cool electronic music which Baz likes, then changed it to 89.9  for some cool pop tunes which Anieka loves, then changed it to 107.1 for some rockin’ hits which MM loves, Brian was looking for some cool hip-hop beats while I was looking for some country music. Ha ha ha. In the end, we turned off the radio, and started talking non-sense. We let Brian drive the car and although we were all nauseous after, it was still a fun ride.

7pm."Refueling back at home" - Commonwealth Avenue
It's dinner time!!! We ate what’s left of lunch and then dinner - very Pinoy! I swear my friends love Nilagang Baka, Tapa and Adobo of course. We ate so much! They told me they never ate so much in their life. And Brian can eat Chicken Adobo every day of his life.I see how they slowly become more familiarized with the local culture. "Nagmamano na sila sa Dad and Mom ko." And as soon as they arrive at home or before leaving the house, they let my parents know about their whereabouts.

9pm. Tomato Kick, Maginhawa St. UP Village
I thought of taking these kids to some cool indie joint to get a taste of what the movers and shakers of the country are doing, "New Age Pinoy"! Off we go to one of Quezon City's most popular chill out places - Tomato Kick. Earlier that week, we all met up Jay of Kamikaze in Saguijo and found out he owns a tattoo shop just beside tomato kick. We settled for a bit, and just relaxed while drinking ice-cold beer! I told them about the film industry and how amazing young directors are becoming at par with the best in the world. I also told them about the music in the country and of course Philippine television which at this time around, i was part of.

If you’re a Filipino, you love to make “tambay” so that’s what we did. We ordered each a big bottle of Red Horse Beer and listened to cool rock music. We also browsed through amazing titles for sale and even inquired for a tattoo that night.

11pm. "Rock Band" in Blue Skies - Katipunan
The night is young, so after a few hours stay in Tomato Kick. I got a text message from my French friends tagging us on a night of Rockband in Katipunan. We went for the kill and played Bohemian Rhapsody. Although I could probably here ourselves performing our own beats, it was a wicked time. And everyone was having a grand time! What an epic night! The Philippines is a musical country. Most of the people can carry a tune, play instruments and are dead crazy about all sorts of genres of music. I was looking for a videoke place nearby but i thought playing rock band was more international, for the lack of a better word.

We ended up ordering some more beers. They were playing a couple of alternative tracks, until I personally requested it’s time for some Beastie Boy beats. So while I played the drums, it was time for some Intergalactic Planetary...

It was a lovely monday morning the next day, we were in our terrace and tanning. ha ha (Everyone's looking at us!)

My best 1 day itinerary didn’t involve amusement parks or historical monuments. I actually didn’t leave the vicinity of this city. This day wasn’t just about going to a tourist spot and have the usual photo taken. It was so much more than checking the list of must sees in the lonely planet book. This day was about living it for the day in the Republic of the Philippines. But what made this trip special for me was because I felt good showing my friends what it’s like to live like a local north kid. Ask anyone traveling to the capital city, he/she would most probably speak of Manila and Makati but not Quezon City. Now, i think i did my city proud! Apart from telling them that some of the biggest TV and movie stars in the country today live in the same village as i am, i also told them that they shouldn't be afraid of the village guards roving with their riffle. It was bittersweet when i gave them a ride to the airport a few days after but I knew the trip was worth it! It was surely one of the best days of my life! One for the books, kids!

Theme: Best One-day itineraries 
Host: Karlo De Leon of The 4AM Chronicles


Jenn said...

Awesome, awesome! :)

nice itinerary, in fairness di ko pa rin naeexplore ang QC lalo na ang eco park.

AJ said...

All that is near my house. Sana nag-invite ka, hehe


Burger!!! Nasarapan ba sila? Astig ang trip. Ayos na ayos. :)

C A R L A said...

my kind of travel. never explored QC but someday i will...will probably drop by Casa de Jerik! hehe. great post!

Chyng said...

spell e-n-e-r-g-y!
di ko keri yan inom plus walang tulog plus inom again! haha the best!

"An excellent way to show your foreigner friends a unique Filipino experience is actually to spend less and laugh more!" korek!
ang kyut nung upuan (6th pic)! :))

@Jenn I couldn't pick a better word to describe this trip/ I realized it's not really about the destination, it's about the experience and through this trip, the people you are with. Safe travels to you!

@lakwatsera de primera ha ha ha I was a little worried about my best 1 day itinerary entry but i guess the saving grace was the La Mesa Eco Park. Sometimes, you really don't have to go too far to travel well! Thanks!!!

@AJ ha ha ha Do you live in one of the villages along commonwealth avenue. If so, we're practically neighbors! ha ha Sure, let's meet up... all of us North Kids!

@Carla Casa De Jerik is coined by one of my friends. For about three weeks, my house was turned into a hostel/guesthouse all fun. And my family adores them! Anytime they come back, they're welcome to stay for as long as they want!

@Chyng After the trip, i stayed at home for three days! Napagod din! ha ha ha Cheers Chyng!!! Sometimes, parang gusto muna natin magpahinga after weeks of hectic travels.

@Rizalenio "The best burger they're ever tasted!" Anong sinabi ng $10 burger nila $.30 ng Burger Machine! Actually, naulit pa yan after a night out in Quezon Avenue naman. Before going back home at 6 am, burger machine muna since 24 hours. wahahahaha nag-enjoy naman sila!!!

@thepinaysolobackpacker Yes Gael, tama di ba? You don't have to spend much to experience the best! The photo with the chair was in an art exhibit. I also brought them to one where new and upcoming artists showcased their latest work. At least, i also get to show them brilliant works of emerging talents. Thanks Thanks!

Ed said...

awesome experience touring those friends around. definitely even if saang lupalop kayo mapadpad, basta cool yung mga kasama, you'll have fun. I miss times like these na yung tipo kahit walang pera, lakad pa rin nang lakad sa gubat, enjoy pa rin. these are memories that can't be bought!

@Ed i couldn't agree with you more, buddy! You don't have to go too far or to spend so much for an experience like no other. Yes, i took my friends to Boracay and they went diving too in Anilao. But i think this trip is one for the books. I've shown them what Filipino hospitality is all about and it's about making them feel at home even when they are away from home. When they go back home, how can they not rave about eating with my family, $.50 burgers and of course San Miguel. Cost=Priceless!

Eric said...

What u did was truly way of encouraging more foreigners to visit Pinas because of our hospitality....

@Eric it's natural for Filipinos to make friends feel at home and to treat them like they're part of the family. i hope i did my country proud. i miss my friends a lot. i hope next time, it's them who'll take care of me when i manage to save up and head their way. Thanks Eric! Are you based abroad?

wow! dapat pinatikim mo din ng balut to keep the energy! pero mukhang energized naman kayong lahat! astig ng trip! shot! :)

Anieka said...

You know you will be taken care of jerik! :D I can't wait to see ur face get your butt over to england ASAP!!! You're right as well, this was an AMAZING day and ur family are totally awesome! Xxx

Brian Keith Richards said...

Big up's Jerik, them were good times. M is planning something a little different this time round i think : ) respect for the effort put in to this bro.

@adventurousfeet my friends ate Sisig and swore never to eat it again after finding out what's in it. ha ha but i don't eat pork and still love Sisig.

@Anieka i miss you so much!!! i can't believe it's been ages since i last saw you. I promise i will see you there. I can't wait to eat fish n' chips and then roam around london with you! My family talks about you guys all the time. They really miss y'all! I'll keep you posted! You take care and good luck with the essays!!!

@Brian Keith Richards Yo bro!!! What's shakin? Didn't get back to you during chat. How are your folks back in NZ? Thanks so much, it's the least i can do to remember! We still have plans, ayt? Lemme know when you're free? If i score cheap tix, i'll see ya there up in the north! Regards to your folks back home, and good luck with Uni!

Great Filipino hospitality you have shown to your guests. I'm sure they all had a blast. We were in Quezon City last week and stayed inside U.P Diliman Campus the whole time. Since we are all "promdis", SM North Edsa was the farthest place we were able to visit.hahaha! I didn't mind it though, staying inside the campus made me feel like I am still in my home province, and I love it!

@Earl I only knew about your stay in QC through the group Pinoy Travel Bloggers. I've been living in this city my whole life. Anieka and Brian have already expressed their thoughts. I am still chatting up with them once in a while. I leave messages, and they too for me. I guess, we'll always keep in touch after this trip. I really hope we can all meet up, here in the Philippines or somewhere else. It's been too long. :(