It's been one thousand four hundred sixty days, Guimaras

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ULTIMATE BLOG CARNIVAL REWIND: My love, it’s been four years since my eyes met yours.  I can still vividly remember the first time I laid my eyes on your splendor, it was unforgettable.  I remember how my hours were spent in pure amazement for I haven’t seen such a beautiful sight in this life of mine. I arrived not later than an hour before noon on a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the cool breeze of the ocean greeted me with a warm embrace. I sat on your lap, still, figuring out how I want to spend the rest of my life. Soon, I ordered for a delicious feast that didn't cost much. I finally found myself enjoying a plate of happiness and delight with you. It’s been three hundred thirty six hours of agony and pain for me before this...

The rest of the days I spent with you were days of uncertainty. I didn't know where the wind will take me. But i took it all in, with much courage and wisdom. I asked you a number of times about my purpose in life and you answered to me in silence. I could remember myself strolling along this beautiful shore, trying to catch the changing tides. I couldn't understand how tides can change so soon.

I often ask myself now, how destiny can play a trick on me, on us. Why do we have to part? I couldn’t forget you, you see. You’ve always been here, one that fills up my memory.

I met the smiles of many of those who live in simplicity. The people whose faces soon start to fade away now. I remembered them calling me once in a while, if there was anything I needed. They who have shown nothing but kindness to me, they still have visible images in my memory. I regret the days that I didn't get to spend a lifetime with them. I really do.

The days I spent where days of solitude. I remember walking the steps leading to the Virgin Mary. I prayed in isolation for a life well-lived. I often recall asking for something I couldn't figure out myself. I remember asking why life can be sometimes too difficult? I asked Her how much more pain can a man take? If it’s love that’s breaking my heart, why let it happen? I asked so many things that later on I lost count. I slept wondering and hoping.

Then, there were days of which I don’t think this lifetime could afford me to forget. I reminisce the days I spent with you, touching yours as I could feel your warmth, my lips as it met yours. If I could paint a picture of you now; it would be where little kids are smiling, the ocean dancing, the wind floating and the sunset... ahh the sunset!

It was nearing dusk this time. I remember crossing my legs and sitting like a little boy on the edge of a beautiful mountain that couldn’t be broken. I sat there with my eyes closed, my senses opened. I sat there for a bit, and little by little I remembered why my life is worth the sorrow. I thought about the people who made me feel special. I remembered ours, and how it was such a beautiful beginning. I drew a picture in my head of a long road with many paths, waiting for us. I thought about other places and how they too shook the hell out of me. I looked for more things that could paint a smile in my heart, and sooner than i thought, my life began again. I slowly opened the greatest sense to man and chanced upon a magical moment. I will never forget, this moment. 

It’s been one thousand four hundred sixty days of waiting for me. I couldn't let myself run away from you again, My Love.  If I had the moment to leave this all behind me, I would. I couldn't any more live another day, another hour, another minute apart from you. The days I spend here far away from your embrace were days of longing, of yearning, of desire.

You have to believe me that even though I’ve traveled miles away from you, and have met others, I still couldn't see myself having a far more great love than what I have for you. I remember the days that you were with me, and those days I want to feel like they’re just yesterday. I hope my letter reaches you in time before someone else takes my place in your heart. If someone else catches your heart more than I, hush for it's been forgiven. I still have a lifetime ahead of me to find out, if ever I should forget you, will I then be able to live the days of my life? I don’t want another you, you see.

I’ll see you soon, my love. Oh, how much i miss you. It was you who made me whole again. I couldn't be blessed more knowing this beautiful life of mine is worth living, because I found you. 

Remembering you, always!
Pinoy Boy Journals XxX

Guimaras, you've shown me how much more beautiful life is. If people ask me, will I ever forget about you? I will speak of silence and truth, for you've never left my memory, ours will never be forgotten. 

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fetus said...

shet. most romantic piece na nabasa ko para sa isang hindi tao! hehehe

estan said...

beautiful :)

awww! well done! :) I agree,I'll definitely vote this for the most romantic place in Pinas, and despite it's fame, one can enjoy Guimaras in solitude. :)

argh! i love il postino! nice one!

Ed said...

iba talaga ang tama ng Guimaras sa'yo jerik.

very inspirational post. great work for a first-timer sa blog carnival! will post mine one of these days. lapit na pala deadline. hehe. nagpapapressure pa ako. hehe

doi said...

had goosebumps reading your post + the beautiful music. galing! i agree with you about Guimaras...such a beauty! =)

@fetus thanks a lot! when i learned about the topic: most romantic place in the Philippines, i couldn't think of a better province to write about than Guimaras. And i was solo when i traveled, i fell in love with the province so much.

@estan thank you so much, sir! i am so hyped about writing this entry. i fell in love with the province. she(Guimaras) is my poetry, i am just her writer.

@thepinaysolobackpacker when i went there i was at my lowest, i never expected that Guimaras would make me whole again. there are no words to describe how blessed i am to have traveled to this province. i hope others would find their way here, so they too can find their magic.

@monette i know, Il Postino is a personal favorite. i believe you also love poetry. This movie is every poet's dream movie. And i often play the poems before i sleep. Thanks. Can't wait to read your poem soon!

@Ed salamat talaga! sobrang na-inspire ako sa topic na toh. i wrote this entry yesterday for 20 minutes, parang robot. tuloy-tuloy lang lahat ng nasulat ko. tama ka, iba ang tama ng Guimaras sakin. remember when you wrote an entry regarding Nueva Valencia, mas lalo kong namiss tuloy! i can't wait to read your entry! Thanks, bai!

@doi maraming maraming salamat. your comment is highly highly appreciated. Nakakataba ng puso. i dedicate this blog entry to the province that made the biggest impact in my life. i was finding music to go with this post, and i remembered that the very music i was listening to on top of the cliff, was the Il Postino theme. Guimaras is magic!

Aleah said...

Galing naman, Jerik. Great text, great music, and of course, wonderful pics! This is another excellent entry to the blog carnival. And I like what you said to Gael. Very poetic ka pala. hehe

flipnomad said...

ganda naman... parang sa tao lang yung sulat

Anonymous said...

naks naman! the musig goes well with the photos and the sentiment of your writing... lakas tama ng guimaras a... :)

so sweet like a smitten lover, i lurv it Jerik, naispire ako lalo :)

Pinkbuble said...

Hi pinoy boy,


Got ur link from Nilcha, and i loveee the way u describe everything!
can i link ur blog?


ian said...

This romantic piece is perfect for the love month of February.... sunsets of Guimaras are definitely romantic, it will really make anyone fall in love with her...

@Aleah thanks so much. nakakatuwa naman! i wrote this very fast kasi tuloy-tuloy yung thoughts and the music, just suits the entry. i am also excited to see the entries of others. i think anybody who's inspired can be poetic!

@flipnomad thanks man! yes, i thought of Guimaras as my lost love. Siya talaga yung di ko makakalimutan na province na napuntahan ko.

@happysole yes, tinamaan talaga ako sa Guimaras. I hope to read you entry too! Thanks so much!

@lakwatsera de primer yes i am still in love with Guimaras! i can't wait to read your entry. What's your most romantic place ba? i love you australia series! i wanna go!!!

@pinkbuble sure, no problem. thanks so much!!! i love your blog too! I'll link yours in my list.

@ian i agree, so if anyone out there is looking for a place to go for the valentine, Guimaras is the place to go. It's just the perfect place to fall in love.

Chyng said...

oh man, now I really believe you can love a place as much!

Bumpy John said...


By the time I'll arrive at Palawan by the end of this week, it'll be also 4 years since I've been there for the first time and this will be my trip back to the place I love so much! :D

Galing! :)

@ Jerik, My entry is Mt. Guiting-Guiting sana but after the first 3 posts parang, gusto ko mag-pass na muna, taas kaagad ng standard to follow :)

@Chyng yes, ewan ko ba ang lakas ng tama ko sa Guimaras. Basta when i went to this province, i've never felt so blessed to be able to set foot on such a beautiful province. i've been to many beautiful places in the country, but this one is where i think i am the happiest.

@John Exos Nulud Thank you very much. This comment means a lot to me because we share the same sentiments. I am really really happy that you're going to Palawan soon after four years. I always ask myself when i will be back in Guimaras? I'll just surprise myself one of these days! Thanks again! God Bless!

@lakwatsera de primera ano ka ba? I haven't been to Mt. Guiting-Guiting but i am pretty sure it's as romantic. i am so excited for your post, kasi ang romance is on top of the world. how can you beat that? and the best part is, you were with the person you really love. Thanks ulit!


Standing loud claps. Claps claps claps.

So poignant. You write beautifully like those bestselling authors.

...and your photos...your photos...they are literally shining in my screen.

...and my world stops...hay...

I'll read this again...NOW.

ayan said...

places are like women.
they can change you

@Rizalenio thank you very much for your kind words! i really appreciate it! i hope to inspire everyone to travel, that's really the aim of this blog. Not to earn but to inspire!

@ayan i know places are like women, you'll meet many, and then you'll meet one you won't forget! How about you? Where's your #1 place?

nathalie said...

makes me wanna go there, now na!
well done!

@nathalie yes it's a beautiful province. i hope more and more people get to visit this island, it has so much promise as an off the beaten path destination for travelers. go there, so you too can find own magic!

Cedric said...

In love na in love ka sa Guimaras ah. Hehe. Will add this to my travel list. :D

@Cedric Seryoso! Guimaras talaga, for me! Sobrang neg-enjoy ako! Babasahin ko na in a while your post! he he thanks, man!

AJ said...

Lavet! I really seemed to be about person...until the lap-sitting part. :)) Awkward naman yata na ikaw pa na lalaki ang kakandung. :D

Lovely lovely post and photos. Especially the last one. Mood shot amft. Haha!

I'AM IN LOVE after reading this! :D

@AJ ha ha ha oo nga! thank you very much, ginanun ko na baka maging freaky na yung blog entry! he he Thanks again for the comment! I can't get over Guimaras!

@Sweetness yes love and romance surely fills in the air now! Happy Valentine to you. Hope you have a lovely time next time you travel! Keep the passion alive!