The Electric Light Show Display of Nanjing Lu, Shanghai, China

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STORY: No wonder the Chinese invented fireworks. In Shanghai, People's Republic of China, the streets are lit up, literally, at night. Its blinding colors makes everyone visiting the city, alive and excited.  Shanghai is also one of the fastest and booming cities of the world. With so many expats working on multi-million companies, the landscape of old world China is a thing of the past, this is the future of China. One of my most favorite places in all of Shanghai is Nanjing Lu

It is here where i usually spend my afternoons walking around, buying stuff i don't need and chilling on the cafes and restaurants. It is a huge avenue filled with too many establishments that fancy everyone. From banks, to souvenir stalls, clothing shops, massages, salons, bookstores, ice cream parlors, anything you could think of. Umbrellas do come in handy usually in the month of August when it rains every now and then, during the afternoon.

At night, the place becomes an absolute delight for photographers. Everywhere you go, whatever side you face, becomes photogenic - with colorful light displays, flashing LCD's and local night walkers. How much is the government paying for the electricity bill in Nanjing alone? 

There are rollerblades for rent for people tired of walking, and cart buses that will transfer tourists from one shop to the next near Xintiandi, and heaps of other key routes.

TIPS: Get off at People's Square Metro Station. After visiting Shanghai Museum and some of the best malls in the country, you may walk to the east of Nanjing Street en route for the Bund, passing by Nanjing Lu. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Shanghai is popularly called as "Whore of the Orient", and single guys will be asked for all sorts of massages. Keep away from these hustlers as they are only eager to rob you off of your money. It's best to start the walking tour of Shanghai in the morning at Nanjing Lu, visit heaps of other places and return at night with its dazzling display of lights. The road is open till late.

Ni hao from Shanghai, China


chris said...

mas gusto ko ang dating color ng background.sayang kasi ang pics parang hindi lutang dahil sa background.opinion ko lang.

@Chris i appreciate your comments. baka may mga suggestion/recommendation ka pa. thanks so much for taking time. appreciate ko talaga. Salamat tsong!

Ren said...

never been to shanghai... nice sharing. :)

@Ren Shanghai is beautiful! :)