The Real Independence Celebration of Malaysia

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Stay Strong, Malaysia.
STORY: It's heart-breaking to lose someone you love dearly over an accident, yet, it's also tragedy to see one slowly die in front of you. What happened in the past couple of months has become a horrendous nightmare for the Federal Constitutional Monarchy of Malaysia. And i am one with everyone praying so hard for its final conclusion. 

I've watched closely the news about MH370 since the day it lost contact from the airport. Things like this make you stop and question why. I was in Manila when this happened, planning my upcoming trip around South East Asia. I've planned to have a stopover in Kuala Lumpur for a flight out. Because of this, I've become so worried i tried my best not to think about it anymore, for months.

I just woke up from a not-so good sleep at my guest house in Inle Lake in Myanmar. I was stunned to find out from an American girl i was traveling with about the shooting down of MH17. I as i drink my cup of tea that morning, i began to have chills down my spine. I will be flying again to Kuala Lumpur by next week. Two airplane disasters from the same airline in a year is far out. "What is happening with Malaysian Airlines?", said by other travelers at the guest house. 

This has become a very serious matter for me that time and frequent Asian travelers must have felt the same thing. With a fear of flying, my worrywart mind has kept me ridiculously busy with bad scenarios as i venture out to Shan State of Myanmar and on wards to Yangon. It didn't help that it was heavily raining in Hsipaw, Shan State, Myanmar and the bad weather which continued till my very last day, made my flight out of this world nerve-wracking. I dread that day as i ride the taxi cab to Yangon International Airport for flight bound for Kuala Lumpur. 

With angels surrounding the turbulent flight, i arrived in Kuala Lumpur safe and sound. The airport was at its normal pace. Yet, there were only a handful of check in counters for Malaysian Airlines. Kuala Lumpur was at its most beautiful now. I couldn't leave right away. While having a long, seven day transit, i waited for my flight to Sri Lanka. 

To this day, i still read about the latest news. I am one with the world, eager to find resolution to an obvious mystery surrounding the two flights. All theories aside, i pray that the cases get resolved soon, all for the families and friends of those who've perished in the air disaster. What they're feeling right now is unfathomable.

Days pass by and slowly I've become even sadder for the Malaysian people. No one wants to fly anymore using the national carrier, Malaysian Airlines, and news of cancellation from tourists visiting the country has made the situation even more worse. 

It's not easy to lose someone you love dearly, yet, it's a tragedy to see something die in front of you. In trying times like now, i hope our friends from Malaysia will regain back their pride and glory. In the years to come, all of this will hopefully be put to rest. 

REALIZATION: Remember that there's always an end to every beginning, and a new beginning to look forward to. The time will come for this great country, Malaysia, to be free from this bad dream. 

Happy 57th Independence Day, Malaysia!

Dan Tuhan Memberkati