In the Philippines, Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort's Got Everything!

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STORY: It feels a little weird for me sharing a room with someone else. It has been years since i stayed at a dorm, and 90% of my trips here in the Philippines and abroad have been solo. At least, this time around, i am not sharing space with loud drunkards like when i was in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

When i was invited by a blogger friend of mine, Lakad Pilipinas, to join him and a few of our blogger friends to stay at Mountain Lake Resort in Lake Caliraya, Laguna, it was hard for me to resist. I've been on the road for several months before this, and i have trouble forgetting about my epic journey, so to make matters less emotional for me, i had to push through with this trip.

At around 7AM, we were already on our way to our destination. Once we arrived at the historic city of Pagsanjan, a few hours later, we decided to rent a tricycle heading to the resort to cut short the trip. We were already that excited to check out the place. 

What astounded me was how vast the place is, at first glance. When i say the place is huge, i mean it is a multiple hectare complex. It is huge! The lovely staff of the resort was there to walk us through the different amenities of the place. Directly in front of the receiving area is the acclaimed 18-hole golf course. 

The Golf Course
For starters, it is 7,000 yard long and boasts of fantastic views of Mt. Banahaw, and Caliraya Lake. And to top it all off, the Arnold Palmer Golf Course is the only one in the Philippines where a lake has been set as part of its design. 

This means, you can swing close with mother nature. No wonder, three groups of foreigners were there checking in straight from the airport. 

Built with class, Mountain Lake Resort has many amenities located within the residence. Whether you're traveling solo, with a loved one or with family and friends, a stay at their rooms is surely worth your peso. 

The Rooms
The rooms are huge, with comfortable bed and neat bathrooms to complement your stay. After an afternoon of world-class golfing, a relaxed body massage is in order. You may enjoy a private Jacuzzi and sauna, too. The health and wellness rooms in the basement can accept up to a dozen or more guests at a time. 

Whether you want to play pool and have a mini 9-ball championship or a singing showdown, the game room and karaoke bar lounge is but a few steps away.

Without a doubt, the familiar and homey ambiance surely got the best of me. It felt as if i didn't leave home. 

No stay in any resort would be complete, without trying out the food.

The Restaurant
To give you a round up, Mountain Lake Resort serves Filipino cuisine in varied fashion. An excellent serving of Pork sisig, Seafood Kare-Kare and Chicken Adobo will surely whet anyone's appetite. I can attest to that. What's extra-special about La-Cucina is that you can enjoy your fantastic plate while overlooking beautiful natural surrounding the resort. 

The Marina
At the Marina, you are closer to nature than anywhere else on earth. The rustic nipa huts are impeccably placed with an awesome view of the lake and the many fun obstacle courses. 

Fancy swinging like tarzan or chopping like a karate kid? You can do this and more. Tag your friends along and see who can beat who. Oh, and don't forget the 40 meter slide, it'll give you one fun ride for sure.  

The Swimming Pool
A resort would not be complete without a pool. It's everyone's favorite. The location couldn't be anymore fitting. Watching the sunset with a cold beer in hand, was the icing in the cake for me. 

You don't have to leave the resort to experience everything. A walk around this complex will lead you to a zipline and hanging bridge, a bike and horse trail, a fishing village, and a duck-feeding facility. Name it, the resort has it. I am quite impressed. 

The Fishing Pond
After my epic fishing expedition in Maldives, I've been more and more curious about this art. I love fishing, and spending a few hours finding Dory surely made me stress-free for the day. I was unlucky that day, but my pal was. 

Good thing, he shared his bounty with us, which made our dinner more festive. True to Mountain Lake Resort's fashion, from the lake to our plates. 

The Staff
Apart from all of these, what makes Mountain Lake Resort stand out is the friendliness and courtesy of the staff. It was always a pleasure whenever i am with them. It seemed these people really loved what their doing, and it clearly shows. They don't treat you as guests, they treat you as their family. Kudos to that!

So, i slept that night after a few ballad songs and quite a handful of my favorite beer. I slept without AC, and with the south wind blowing against my cheeks, i lull myself to sleep. It has been a beautiful day. Tomorrow, i can't wait to experience more with my friends, and at Mountain Lake Resort. I was smiling before i dozed off. Sweet dreams are real here. 

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