Travel Notes from Bandipur-Pokhara, Nepal

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There are moments when i think about the family that i stayed in Bandipur. Now that i am here in Pokhara, after successfully refreshing my visa, i think about them more. Pokhara has always been beautiful, and will always be that charming city outside of Kathmandu. Yet, Bandipur will always hold a special place in my heart. Up until now, people always question why i stayed that long in the tiny village. 

The day that i left was one of the saddest experiences of my trip in Nepal, so far. When you've shared so much moments with people, it's hard to forget them. It's hard to move on. But as they say, one of the cons of traveling is leaving. Whether it be another city, or another country. But like an open road, the only way to go is to move forward. 

I woke up on one of the coldest mornings of my stay in Bandipur. As usual, the view of the Himalayas was outstanding but the air was quiet. I felt that the place is also weeping for i am leaving. I am leaving Bandipur with so much more than when i arrived. I've learned the best lesson and that is the unwavering love and support of a family. I talked to my family last night, and let them know that i am staying longer here in Nepal. My original plan of going to Bhutan and Bangladesh is already a thing of the past. It only took a supposedly side-trip to Bandipur to let me realize that spending so much money visiting the previous countries could be postponed for another trip. But now that i am here, it's inevitable to stay. 

To say that tears rolled down my eye when i was saying goodbye was the truth. I told them that i am not a fan of goodbyes. Yet, i faltered. It was like leaving my family all over again. And as i write this, i still imagine myself at the porch. Rukum would ask me what i want to eat for lunch, and my energy will never exhaust as i climb again the ridge to Ramkot. The infinite smiles of the people of Bandipur is simply contagious. The view is awesome here in Pokhara, but there's something missing. 

Before i left, Rukum's wife gave me a flower --a symbol of safe journeys ahead which i will treasure for the rest of my life. I am keeping it my notebook. I haven't written anything yet on my simple notebook. The flower may just be my very first post, indeed.

I waited long for the bus to be filled up. And after almost an hour of sitting motionless, it was time for me to go. it felt good that Samira had new guests coming in. I just hoped and prayed that they will return the kindness of Rukum's family. 

I still have a long journey ahead of me. It all started with my original plan to stay in Nepal for a few days. Now, i am on my third week in this blessed nation, and i know i am still far away from leaving. 

I waved at them for the very last time. It's one of those that i will never get tired telling. 

To Rukum's family, thank you for making me feel less lonely that i am not with my family seeing the beauty of Bandipur. For i have found another family in each and everyone of you. My sincerest thanks and appreciation for a beautiful trip.

As promised, i will come back. Ooppps, Rukum just sent me a message on Facebook. The question is , "when will i come back?". Let me figure out first how to go to Palpa and Lumbini. I have no idea. I am also excited to go to Terai region.