Travel Notes from Patali Dwar, Nepal

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There is no day here in Bandipur that i don't do my afternoon stroll. Some days, i would walk to the villages and just hang-out--taking in all the sights and smells of this fabulous town. Very little has been told about how Bandipur is really in person as most travelers head straight from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Yet, if only they knew about Bandipur and how the view is unlike anywhere else in Nepal, then i reckon they would go, too. I've been here in Bandipur for quite a while. Each day that passes by, i am becoming more and more familar with my neighbors. The home stay next to ours at Samira called Milan is offering 300 rupees per night, yet when i met Rukum, the owner of Samira, i knew i was home. He is like a father/brother to me. And i really appreciate the effort he has put on my journey to discovery. 

His life story is very interesting. I can see in his eyes how much love he has has for his family. He has only been in town for less than 2 months now, after a very long stint working in Dubai. His wife whom i call di-di all the time, the word stands for older sister, is the best cook in the world. She has turned me from a curry hater to a lover in just a day. Anything that she cooks is just totally impeccable. Although she doesn't speak English as good as Rukum, i could totally understand her. Her wisdom emanates from a mile long. 

On some lazy days, my neighbors will always find me sitting at the porch drinking my masala tea and puffing a cigarette. It has always been like this for more than a week now, and i couldn't ask for more, The view from the home stay is nothing I've ever imagined. It was simply beautiful. 

By this time now, my family's wondering where the hell i am. I am pretty sure, they're awaiting for my arrival back home. I will of course, soon. But for now, i am totally enjoying the peace and wisdom i am gaining with each day i stay. I have learned so much that i know i will treasure for the rest of my life. The road is long, and i am still at the beginning. There's many more adventures awaiting for me. I know deep in their hearts, they understand. 

As i admire the view from the west of this beautiful town in Nepal called Bandipur, i realize more and more how fortunate i am to be able to enjoy my youth in the most perfect place on earth. I also met a Korean traveler who's just waiting for his final ascent to Everest in a few weeks. I am totally excited for him. I am not, in anyway, physically ready for that kind of adventure. Although, it is a dream. But dreams do come true anyway so i am still hopeful. 

After the daylight, i relax in my room for a bit and continue reading about Nepal. Up until now, the final draft of the constitution has not been written yet. Ever since this country turned into a democracy, the fate of the people generously relies on the constitution so people can adhere. The more i read about this country, the less i feel intimidated. My thoughts of Bangladesh and Bhutan have vanished for now. 

Suddenly, i hear a familar voice. "Jerik, Jerik.." --in a very thick Nepalese accent. Rukum says, my now ultimate favorite Dahl Bat is cooked and while it's still hot, i need to eat asap. I will join the family in the kitchen. As everyone is gathered, i chow down the most delicious food in this moment i will never forget for the rest of my life. 


Beth said...

I would like to go to Nepal someday. I am currently in Saudi Arabia and our teaboy here is a Nepali. I told him that I would visit his country someday, and he told me that I should visit Dang also. Have you been there, too?

@Beth Nepal is my favorite country in the world. I can go on and on, and convince you to go. I have to check Dang for sure. Thanks for the comment!