Travel Notes from Maha Shivaratri, Pashupatinath, Nepal Part 2

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This trip of mine was so good, i needed to write a second post. It's 6AM here in Patan, and i am tucked in a nice guest house by the durbar square. I have a pocket of 2 more hours before load shedding begins. I have learned to accept that good working electricity is so hard to find in Nepal. Some places are really bad with only 6 hours of electricity a day, while others are more blessed with about 16-18 hours. 

Up until now, i still could not believe that this trip of mine coincided with Shivaratri. For Hindus, this is one of the biggest festivals of the year, if not the biggest. The minute i stepped in the complex, i could literally hear the loud chants of the local people. And as each step progresses approaching the ghats, the sounds become even more tantric. To be honest, the set up was an accident waiting to happen. But i feel that Shiva was there to guide me all the way. 

In Hindu teachings, Shiva is both the creator and destroyer so he is worshiped by many. During the festival, i learned that this god, among others, help people to become better people. Why? People offer everything, even little things they have, because they look forward to a better future for them. In Shivaratri, I've seen the poorest people, and the most glamorous people. They both walked in the same path circling the temples and ghats. Both of them fell in line for a whopping five hours to see Shiva inside the temple. They have a purpose in life. And their intentions are pure and real. That's what makes these people -- good people. Whether it is for a new house they're building, or the passing of a loved one. Every person wants to have a good life, away from despair and hardships/troubles of life. These people are not perfect. Sometimes, what they do upsets me. But that is the reason why i love them, because they're real.

Other people may have a different view (correct view) of what Shivaratri is, but for me it is blessing people whose intentions are for the good. 

I've had a lovely chat one evening at my hotel, with a Nepali man whose now living in the USA. He came back home because of his dying father who lives in Eastern Terai, and he has given me valuable history lesson of Nepal. I thank him for opening up my eyes to the world of rebellion and constitution. It appears as if his relationship with his father is strained. I can sense that every time he talks about his father, he feels really sad. His family is back home, and he is leaving them for three months. He's also manning the construction of his building in Patan (where i am now). He mentions that he may go back to the USA soon, but he hasn't made his plans yet. 

I know Shiva is watching over him, and will be blessing his every move. He will stay to look after his father. And his father will get well. I have a strong feeling. It is Shiva, of course. He will.