Reaching the Stars at Rembrandt Hotel, Quezon City, Philippines

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STORY: After graduating from the oldest university in Asia, a few months have passed and i got a call to work at the number one television network in the Philippines. For almost four years, i have spent a great deal of my time in the vicinity where the network is located, looking for places where i can have a quiet time for myself to have a date with my laptop. I was writing for TV shows, then. I went to several restaurants, cafes and hotels.

I've already stayed at Hotel Rembrandt before. I would remember reserving a table at the lobby, ordering snacks and typing away the coming week's plot. I would fondly remember my time there, and rushing to print the sequences and present it to the whole production team soon after. I am pretty sure, i even went there to meet with my bosses, hoping for an approval for a plot for an upcoming show. So, to say that Hotel Rembrandt was memorable for me, would be the truth.

When i was invited to go back and experience the hotel once more, i gladly said yes right away. After my stint at Abs-Cbn years ago, going back to the same places where i used to go was something i fancy doing. There's a nostalgia to it, and it's good to reminisce good times with good friends like Christian of Lakad Pilipinas,  Carla of Blissful Guro and Julius of Lakwatserong Tsinelas, which made this particular experience worthwhile. Darwin of Tracking Treasure was late coming from work, but i was glad he could join us for the over night rendezvous. Ron of FlipTravels was also there to spend the night with us, all the way from Singapore. 

I have lived in Quezon City all my life, and going to Rembrandt Hotel is only but a 15 minute ride away. Obviously in love with Quezon City, i reckon the city is a good place to base yourself when you're in Manila. So when you're at the city of stars, it's only rightful to stay at a hotel nearest to the stars. Hotel Rembrandt is only less than a minute walk from the entrance gate of Abs-Cbn. If you fancy seeing your favorite showbiz royalties, you know you'll have a good view from here.

When i arrived at the hotel, the security staff opened the door right away. Not many people know that when you're staying at a hotel, the door should be opened for you all the time. This is common courtesy of the hotel staff for its guests. I knew this was a good sign of things to come. I got a seat right away at the lobby. Christian, Carla and Julius were all there happy. We only get to see each other once every few weeks, so it's always special seeing them again and again.

The Lobby
Hotel Rembrandt changed a lot for the better. It was already beautiful then, but now they are living up to the expectations of affordable grandeur. The windows were shrugged with draped curtains and glass blocks have been added to attract more light. There were already a couple of guests sitting, and the lobby is fully staffed so orders are fast. There were a couple of beautiful women dressed to impressed so that made my afternoon more exciting. Later on, i would find out that a wedding is coming right up. It seems Hotel Rembrandt is a popular choice for weddings and debuts, and it is rightfully so. 

As we approach dinner, little by little, the food got served at the buffet table. What's extra charming is the brilliant pianist keeping us company with his lovely music. After traveling for a couple of months overseas, the smell of fresh peanuts roasting on the Kare-Kare caught my attention right away. 

Then, the carefully placed plate of sashimi and sushi were all a sight to behold. The other popular dishes were served: chicken with gravy, chopsuey, beef with broccoli and fish fillet. The desserts were equally sumptuous. I've never had that much sweets in one seating. The cupcakes and pastries were all delicious.

I tried them all, and i am glad i did. Over-all, the dinner was one of the best I've had in my life. And it was truly relaxing to listen to great music again, and enjoy a good meal with the company of good friends.

The Executive Room
We were billeted on a two bed room suite. It was huge and airy, and more than enough for the four of us. The sheets were fresh, and the duvet was super comfortable. It also had a nice view of the surrounding streets, so it was easy to check where the party is at. Of course, i need not look elsewhere as the party is at Hotel Rembrandt in our room. A crazy amount of time was spent there just chatting about our previous travel experiences and plans for the future. We ordered a couple of beers and gulped each one as we laugh from night till the morning. It didn't end there, as we bought some more and finished till dawn.

The Malt Room
If we only had more energy to spare, we could have checked out the malt room where an array of premium liquor and crafted malt is on display. I fancy a few hours lounging there, and we could brew some more travel plans in the future. No worries as i am pretty sure i will be coming back here soon. 

Vida Verde Spa
A day at a spa is one of Carla's personal favorite things to do. So, she requested an hour session with a brilliant therapist. The morning was spent absolutely nothing, which i love. We watched cable television, ordered a couple more drinks, and just relaxed in the room. When she came back, I've never seen her so rejuvenated. After days of teaching in school, she deserved the queenly treatment at the spa. To all the women, read up and enjoy the Vida Verde Spa.

As mentioned earlier, Hotel Rembrandt is the place to stay for celebrity spotting. The night before, i was on an elevator with Julius coming from our beer shopping when we chanced upon seeing this celebrity. It was weird seeing this person up close, when we only see him every night during dinner. 

I went home that day embracing the torrential rains in Quezon City. I was drenched wet, but still smiling. I've had  a very good sleep, a delicious dinner and breakfast, and lovely chat with my really good friends inside one of the most comfortable hotels I've ever stayed in the city. Smile!

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