Travel Notes from Bayoke Sky Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

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It took me one whole day to get to where i am right now. I woke up feeling so relaxed and refreshed this day. I wanted to get out of Khao San Road the soonest possible time. Not because i didn't like the place. It was the birthplace of my Asian Escapade, for chrissake. I simply wanted to explore more places in Bangkok, those places i haven't visited in the past. After spending an absolute delight in the heart of Siam (my most favorite destination in Bangkok), i knew i wanted to end the night on top... of Bangkok. 

After a relaxing ciggie break outside Siam Paragon, i asked a couple of locals to point me where i could watch the city from a sky tower. They recommended that i head out for Bayoke Sky Tower. True enough, the view from the top was mind-blowing. True, there are more peaceful places to watch Bangkok from 80 floors up but all of these places are hard to reach, and you need more money to stay and relax. For example, one bar that i have checked is hidden along Sukhumvit Road, where prices for drinks almost equal to my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day. What's worse is the place had awful reviews. It was a no-brainer for me to choose Bayoke Sky Tower.

To get to Bayoke Sky Tower from Siam Paragon is very straight-forward, albeit, a very long walk. And the walk wasn't a walk in the park, it was torture. The afternoon Bangkok heat that day was excruciating. I was wet in sweat. Finally, after passing by countless number of hotels, convention centers, bridges over the river, a dozen eateries, and too many shopping outlets, i reached my destination. I felt so disappointed seeing more than a dozen tourist buses filled with too many tourists. I can already foresee what it must be like on the tower. I can definitely see in the eyes of the tourists how tired they were, and these were all painful to see. The line was long to the ticket counter, and i almost backed out with a fear of being trapped with too many of these tourists. I told myself, i have come this far, and going back to where i was would be a stupid idea. So, i braved the crowd and fell in line. Less than fifteen minutes later, keeping my space in an elevator filled with ten camera toting tourists, and arguing with a concierge who've seen too many tourists that being polite is the least of her concerns, i have stepped on the rotating observatory deck of Bayoke. I came right in time. The view of the whole city from the top, as the sun is about to set, was one of the most peaceful moments of my trip. It's quite surreal to think that in just a matter of minutes, i can find solitude in the heart of one of the most chaotic cities on the planet. 

I paid a couple of hundred bahts to enter the tower but it was worth it. I just wished it could be cheaper for those not dining in the restaurant. The good news is that my ticket comes with one free drink at the bar. So while others were enjoying their beer, i ordered their most expensive mocktail.

Bayoke Sky Tower could have been one of my most favorite places in Bangkok, if only there were less tourists who know nothing but too shout, laugh, and chat in decibels as high as the tower. I understand that getting here is a happy experience, and sharing precious moments with loved ones can be overwhelming. But always remember, you're sharing moments with strangers, too. It's a public space, not your bedroom. These strangers may want a quiet time, and are definitely not interested in whatever you're doing. It's called sensitivity, and these tourists ( i don't want to mention the nationality but i guess you know already), surely don't have it. 

After spending three hours on top (could have been six), i finally left. Minutes after, i was back on the ground, with noises from honking motorcycles, merchants bartering with tourists, and a whole lot noise pollution. It became clear to me, i was lucky to be on the ground. At least, the noises here unstoppable.