Travel Notes from Siam Ocean World, Bangkok, Thailand

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I've always wanted to go to Siam Ocean World because it is one of the largest aquariums in the world. In the past, I've always taken this place for granted, pursuing more adventure outside the country's capital. So, when i had a chance two weeks ago, i immediately grabbed the opportunity. I was suppose to go here a day earlier and at night, but i stumbled upon a couple lost Filipinos outside Pratunam. With nothing much to do, i spent a few hours helping them get from point a to point b. I've always believed that this is the beauty of traveling. And when you see a fellow country men, the first instinct is to help them. Talking to them made me realize how i see places now so differently. I will tell you more about this in the coming days.

When we said goodbye, the aquarium is already closed. I went back to Rambuttri, my home in Bangkok for a few days. I spent the rest of the night, trying out local food and drinking beer to end this hot and steamy day in Bangkok. 

Siam Ocean World is located inside the Siam Paragon mall. To be exact, ride the escalator one level down to start your adventure. Honestly, i had no idea what to expect. I haven't been to an aquarium before, and it is only fitting that i am spending my last few days of this trip in an inspiring place. I just wanted to relax and spend a quiet afternoon oggling at marine life. 

I love the ocean so much. If you ask me, ocean or mountain? I know the answer already in a heart beat. While i was searching for places to go around Bangkok that I haven't been to yet before, Siam Ocean World was top on my list.

I paid the package which includes the trip inside the ocean world, free pop corn and soda, and the 5-D movie. I didn't do the behind the scenes and fish feeding tour which is supposed to be included in my ticket for the simple reason that i am not interested. Seeing marine life this close is an exhilarating experience. I've never seen such number of fish and corals. My absolute favorite was the experience seeing these flesh eating sharks circling around a human head figure made of rock because i doubt if ever i will see them in this lifetime. It helped that the soundtrack to the room was spot on. Ocean World now includes live penguins in one of the rooms. I've never seen a penguin in my life so that's a life-changing moment right there. In total, i think i spent about four hours inside because i was taking my time. With about two thousand photos, and hours of video footage, i think i spent my money wisely. Although the 5-D movie was anti-climactic, it still is a good time to sit back and enjoy the funny movie. 

If you will ask me if it's recommended, i would gladly say yes. Although i know kids will find this place extra-special, adults can find ways to spend time inside aquarium with delight. I sincerely wished my nephews were with me inside, as i know they will have a mind-blowing experience, too. 

Before i left, i spent an hour rummaging at the shopping section. I bought a total of five stuffed marine animals to give my nephews a souvenir of the place. This is the least that i could do to share my happiness. I miss my family. And i always pray that one day i can bring them all to my most favorite places in the world.

A few days after, i left Bangkok excited to see my family and eat familiar food again, but heart broken because i know i will miss the people i have met in this trip.

Of course, i will not end this trip without a bang. Sadly, i got so disappointed at the last leg of my journey that it made me realize one important thing. Sometimes, when people say do not go, you have to listen to them. There's a reason for that, of course. More of this story on my next post.

Kob Khun Krap, Bangkok!


Nana Jover said...

I had my recent trip to Thailand but wasn't able to come here. It looks really cool though.

@Nana Jover It's worth the visit. Bangkok always has full of surprises! Cheers!