Do you know about the Total Le Monet Hotel Experience of Baguio City, Philippines?

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STORY: Not so long ago, i had the opportunity to visit Baguio City because of an invite from a very gracious host. With some of my closest travel blogger friends, i went up to Benguet's famous city. It's not my first time in the summer capital of the Philippines, but it felt like that weekend i needed to cool of my mind, and just relax. I've been to Benguet months ago, exploring hideaways and retreats all by myself. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life in Metro Manila, i found myself enjoying hot cocoa and sitting by pine trees at the park. It was memorable then. Imagine how excited i was to go back. This trip was no exception. I was off to winter dreamland again - where the usual traffic jam has been replaced by unobstructed views of mountain ranges, and where hot humid mornings have now been turned into sunrises where i cuddle in bed tucked in a thick blanket.

I've heard so many good reviews about Le Monet Hotel from friends and colleagues, but i reckoned that to truly immerse myself from the surroundings and fully appreciate the rave views, i needed to experience the place for myself.

I hurried to the bus terminal to catch the 12MN non-stop trip to Baguio City. I arrived soon after, just before dawn, super recharged and ready. What welcomed me as soon as i stepped out of the bus was the cool breeze that enveloped the air of the city . It was such a refreshing experience, most especially since i just came from the hot and humid scene of the capital. The next few days were such a delight to the senses.

The Rooms.
I was billeted in an executive room, with two huge queen-sized beds, and complete with all the little luxuries i am now starting to enjoy. There's flat screen television, spotless bathroom, in house refrigerator, and of course the balcony.  If you read my other journals, i am quite particular with the view. Accommodate me in a spartan room but always make sure i have a good view of the surroundings. Over at Le Monet, i usually spend a quiet hour every day thinking about life and sort of other things i'd like to keep to myself. What's particularly nice about the room is the feeling of comfort. 

To be fair, there are luxury hotels built along the ridge but somehow you feel displaced in a room filled with so many stuff you don't acually need. Here in the room, you will realize that most of the things you see you do need to make your day more worthwhile. That is comfort for me. 

The Food.
To say that i was always full during my stay at Le Monet Hotel is such an understatement. Imagine everything you could ever ask for in a meal, you have it here. I especially love that most of my meals are spent with a good company- my friends who enjoy nothing but to share inspiring stories and utmost laughter with one another. What really made the dining experience extra special are the people i spent time with in my staycation. And i forgot to mention, they include the managers of the hotel.  

In a buffet style, several plates of delicious food are placed one after another. You just have to choose whichever you fancy. In Manila, i usually skip breakfast because i wake up late coming from a late night stint at work, and always rushing to go to the office the next morning. 

Here at Le Monet Hotel, i fancied the warm bread, crisp bacon shreds and sweet pancakes. With a hot chocolate cup on hand and freshly squeezed orange juice on the other, i usually start the day with nothing but sweet experiences. 

A long table experience is something you would only see in expensive hotels that most of us cannot afford. Here at Le Monet Hotel, it's that feeling of dining in luxury that won't burn a hole in your pocket. 

Like for example, this succulent half-fried chicken good for sharing which is similarly priced with popular fast food chains. Here, it is served lovingly crisp and delicious.

Or this plate of Chinese style chapsuey which is huge in serving that you can share with friends and loved ones. Share the bill, and taste the difference.

Enjoying every food in the menu was a delight to the senses. Of course, the food served would not be complete without dessert. Here, the chocolate puffs and vanilla caramel slices served to us were simply divine.

My friends could not stop taking photos as each plate served to us were ideally styled to perfection. 

The lights of the chandelier at the Lobby continuously changes, providing a mood for us to enjoy our dinner. With a wide array of continental cuisine served at the buffet table,  diet freaks will definitely cheat.

As a self-confessed sushi and sashimi addict, i was in heaven.

Skewered meat served hot from the grill will surely whet everyone's appetite.

My third plate, apparently. :)

And another plate of pure indulgence. This is one gastronomic delight for me. 

Heavenly Pinakbet Tagalog

Mouth-watering Beef Kaldereta

Seafood Pesto Pasta with Caramelized Egg

Unforgettable Bulalo Soup

Extra Fried Chilli Wings

The Malt Room.
After the hearty dinner, we were then lead to the malt room. If you read my other post about Rembrandt Hotel, you know how unfortunate it was that i was not able to visit the malt room there. Well, there's an opportunity now on their sister hotel. 

The joys of traveling with friends. You can drink alcohol in moderation and laugh at each other while trying to belt out high notes. The life. 

For aficionados, you can skip the local beer and head to the premium liquor section. There's a good selection of wine, too. Who says you have to leave your hotel room to enjoy the night?

Other Amenities.
On my next visit to Le Monet Hotel, i promise to experience the different amenities of the hotel like the Vida Verde Spa, where a touch would be delightful to tired muscles. There's also a fitness center to sweat out while on vacation, Nyamphase Serie Function room,  where meetings could be held in style, and the Roofdeck Tent which is definitely an ideal venue for a night to remember. A few days ago, a couple celebrated their anniversary at the hotel. What happened next? A proposal which the managers of the hotel helped arrange for the guy. While exploring the hotel, i chanced upon seeing the heated indoor swimming pool which i think is only one of its kind in the whole city. The view from the pool was unbelievable. 

The Design and Experience.
I love impeccably designed hotels. Because it makes you think that the owners and management really took time to make the experience of the guests worth their every peso. From the opulent swarovski pendants of the chandelier at the lobby to the floor to ceiling mirrored glasses of the walkway,and to the modern asian inspired bathroom and minimalist Muji-esque rooms, careful attention to details won me over.

I love what the management is doing to promote the hotel. Last Christmas, they've installed machines to dispense faux snow to give kids the chance to experience snow for the first time. That is one brilliant marketing strategy. This season, i am pretty sure the hotel has exciting activities lined up for guests. 

With all the delicious food served by the hotel to us, it is high time to give thanks to the line chef who made our tummies happy. 

Spending time at Le Monet Hotel makes you feel rich without burning a hole in your pocket. While trying to find fault in my stay, i am now having a hard time to give suggestions on what can be done better. 

Initially, i was thinking of a free shuttle service perhaps since the hotel is located within the compounds of Camp John Hay. But then again, on my second day, a cute white open windowed shuttle service was there waiting at the hotel lobby for us. The rest of the day, we were able to go to the popular spots for tourists. A hot chocolate making demonstration, a quiet visit to a so-called hunted mansion, and a folk dining experience were made possible thanks to the generous people of Le Monet Hotel.  

We would often read in many travel articles how unforgettable a place is. It may sound cliche, but really there are no words for me to describe Le Monet Hotel. To tell you honestly, it's not just about the comfortable room i stayed in or the amazing view i had every morning. It's the whole Le Monet Hotel experience which i hope i can discover in other destinations i will go to. 

The next day, as my friends were off to Manila, I boarded a bus bound for another new destination on my list. Off to Abra, friends. 

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