Luxent Hotel is My Hotel of Choice in Quezon City, Philippines

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STORY: Years before, i never valued comfort in my sleep because i always thought that since i am always outside exploring, i could care less about where i will be billeted. Now that i have experienced the worst hotels around Asia, it's only but right for me to find the best. 

Tucked in the busy highway of Timog Avenue, a commanding building stands proud - Luxent Hotel. When i was invited by my friends for a weekend retreat in this hotel, my intentions were to simply enjoy the perks of what this hotel has to offer. I could already imagine the works - perfect cushioning of beds, glass panels overlooking the city, and smell of fresh linen. 

Once you step inside Luxent Hotel, the mood swings from the hustle and bustle of Timog Avenue to the posh interiors of this famous hotel. I like how the clear glass gives guests outside a peek of what's in store for them inside. Likewise, those who've already found a seat in the lobby would not feel too tucked because the interior is light and airy. 

I arrived in the middle of an afternoon as i try to cool off myself from Manila's unfathomable summer heat. Opulence was the name of the game here at Luxent Hotel. The wooden tiles worked perfectly in contrast to the mirrored glasses on the walls of the bar in the lobby. My friends were already there who're all busy chatting with the friendly managers of Luxent Hotel. The lobby actually reminded me of the interiors of the hotel i stayed in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. It was so beautiful and comfortable that it was hard for me to choose which i liked more, the room or the lobby. What prompted me to stay there was the very same reason why at first glance, i said yes to Luxent Hotel - it's the feeling of knowing it's the place you never knew you've always wanted. 

The Amenities.
Luxent Hotel is complete with all things that any urbanite would crave for. Navigating the staircase on your left would lead you to the Reluxe spa. A spa retreat should always be available at a hotel to give guests the comfort of getting pampered within the premises of the hotel, perfect for those who respite without having to leave the hotel. A session at the spa is an ideal afternoon activity that i am pretty sure ladies, and gents would fancy. With the smell of fresh aloe vera and clean mint blossoming within the quaint rooms, it will surely send you the urge to sit back and just relax. 

The Rooms.
Imagine this. Fluffy pillows, elegant mattresses, and egyptian cotton. I cannot leave my bed for long. I just want to be tucked in my bed for as long as i can. The huge beds were as comfortable as it can get. I surely had a grand time as i watch my favorite action movie on cable. For those who need to be connected on the interent, LAN is available for your laptops and WiFi is fast and reliable. And what really made me excited was the balcony. Quezon City's famous landmarks and entertainment complexes are just around the corner. And watching the sunset over the city while sipping your champaigne is truly a romantic activity that you would want to remember. 

The Food.
Please don't get me started on the restaurant. It's my personal favorite. Lush bar and Longe, as well as the Garden Cafe are both a gastronomic delight without a doubt. Whet your appetite from continental and pan-asian cuisine served meticuolously within the buffet grounds.

Arranged so beautifully, the food at Lush is a sight to behold. You can try out the many dishes served round the clock from 6PM until closing. The dessert is equally as satisfying with freshly baked goodies, and mouth watering chocolates on hand for the sweet tooth. Don't get me started with the ice-cream selection. That's my personal weakness.

The Service.
I've had my share of experiences with hotels that are world-class in amenities but thumbs down for me in service. At Luxent Hotel, because the staff is personally handpicked by the management, you only get the best people making your experience more unforgettable. The cleaning staff earns my respect for the effort  to clean the room every time i go out for a quick trip around the city. That's why the room is always made up - picture worthy all the time. The charming and always smiling staff both at the restaurant and roof top bar were also very encouraging to us. They made me feel like my money is well spent here. That's what i am actually looking forward to experiencing.

The Design and Interiors.
Let's get things straight. I'd like to believe that soon, people would now go the extra mile to travel north and head to Quezon City. And Luxent Hotel surely made the right choice building an affordable luxurious hotel right smacked in this progressive and dynamic city. And if you've just arrived in Manila from your flight, you can choose Luxent Hotel as your base. The staff can pick you up from the intentional airport straight here.  For someone who is always interested in well-thought design, i am quite impressed with their selections. The thick burgundy and black with silver contrasts evoke a feel of class. Even the conscious effort to present the tables and napkins carefully stowed at the restaurants earned a  double nod for me. I would personally stay at Luxent even after the invite. 

The Lounge Area.
Go up in the roof top and you will be rewarded with surprises. An infinity pool, for example, which is quite popular to guests. For those who want to sweat out all the buffet from last night, the gym is also available for use. All of these you can experience through the Aqua Trim Fitness Center specially made for guests. 

The experience is so good, i am already planning my second staycation there. 

Luxent Hotel
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