Will Never Forget the Noodle family from Phnom Penh, Thailand

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Let me tell you a short story set in Phnom Penh about the most wonderful family i've met in my travels abroad. They are called the Noodle Family. My friends coined their name because they are the family that serves right in front of you fresh, hot and really tasty noodles. They are found in the big street leading to the ghetto district in the lake side near the other end of the mosque. I will ask for the directions again. If in case you're in Phnom Penh, do visit them. I highly recommend it.

Almost everyday and night, this is the place we go to for cheap but tasty food. Adam introduced me to this place. We would order noodles, mine's the egg fried noodles which is really really good and a can of anchor beer for less than $1. As i see them, i couldn't help but wonder what this particular family has on me. Whenever i'm here, i feel like my my mom's cooking me something and my dad's talking to me while my brother and sisters are playing around. Everyone works; the dad cooks, the mom with the girls chop those vegetables and meat, the older brother grabs softdrinks and beer from the other store, the little boy serving me the spoon and fork. And whenever they hand me out something or looks at me, they're always smiling.

Since July of this year, i always think about them. I wonder how they've been. I wish they celebrated the holidays in good spirit. I hope their mini eatery and restaurant will flourish into a full blown restaurant. They are the sweetest pictures of Khmer people. I hope on my next visit to Phnom Penh that they are still where they are because i will hang out with them for sure. I wanted to take a photo of each and every one of them.

I wanted to share this story to all of you who're looking for magic in Phnom Penh. In, let's say fastpaced city as Phnom Penh with all the dirt, you can still find a pure heart in one of the walkways. This is the only photo i took in one of the afternoons strolling, i was looking for a good place to eat. I always wind up dining here. Just lovely.


Patti said...

Another reason to check out Phnom Penh. We were only there for our bus transfer each way. Shame.

@Patti i'll never forget these people. they made me feel so loved. i don't know, i just felt special when i was there!

Can you tell me the place where I can find them? I'm planning to visit Phnom Penh soon. thanks!

Hey man! It's on the street approaching the lake side. You'll see them there, hopefully. Cheers!!!