Hong Dae (Hongik University) in Seoul, South Korea's Got Style and Swag

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If there's one place in Seoul that really kicks ass in the awesome department, it would be Hong Dae. I mean, South Korea is surprisingly a developed nation with such a fascination for anything trendy and cool, but Hong Dae's really got the style and swag that i really like.

For one, music is relevant everywhere but in Hong Dae, it's in the streets that budding musicians perform. Spending a cool afternoon hanging around makes one think that talent does come in cool packages. 

They say, comedy is not for every body. In Hong Dae, it's for everyone. Whether the act was funny or not, that's not the point. This man was worth my five minute stop over. He almost grabbed me to join him. Too bad, i was shy. I guess, i wasn't ready for this. 

The act continued, this time, his antic drew more crowd including this man who started out as an onlooker, ended up to be his partner. 

He wanted to catch him, but couldn't. I wanted to laugh, but i couldn't.

I appreciate the effort though.

Moving on to fashion, Hong Dae is thriving with artists and designers eager to show off their latest merchandise. I bought a couple of stuff that i don't need. And up until now, i haven't used them. But whatever, it serves as a reminder that not all you use are precious. Knowing you bough them from a certain place is more than enough bargain.

The hippie culture transcends regardless of race and religion. Boxes upon boxes of trinkets and accessories are lined up and carefully curated to make hunting for cool stuff such an enjoyable afternoon delight. 

And then, there's the women. All dressed up to impress and make sure they sport the latest. 

Who says holding hands in public is cliche? In Hong Dae, it actually looks cool.

In Hong Dae, posing for the camera need not be staged. Sometimes, taking a photo of someone posing for a shot for another one taking a photo is weird but exciting.

And ironically, posing the usual kawaii pose seems more palatable here in Hong Dae...

Or standing on a pedestrian while holding a fancy umbrella just because Hong Dae in August is hot, humid but rainy.

Or simply just killing time because Saturdays in Hong Dae mean university kids have the day to do absolutely nothing. Perfect timing for me!

And spotting a celebrity... Of course, she's not who i think she was. 

Hong Dae's got style and swag because there are so many things we cringe seeing in other parts of Asia, but find it amusing to see here. Women are dressed nicely, comedy is not funny but amusing, bargain shopping is engaging, and men got the most beautiful girls holding their hands. Of course, everything's nice except the weather. Don't go to Hong Dae in August. I mean it.