Almost Getting Burned Alive on My First Out of the Country Trip to Hong Kong

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ULTIMATE THROWBACK POST FROM 2008 REMEMBERED: Roughly two months ago, i went to Hong Kong for the first time. I availed of a tour package to Hong Kong. Point in case, it's the most practical package i know of considering i canvassed for other tour packages from different agencies. Sadly, i expected the accommodations to be rough and tough. Lo and behold, i was so right. Firstly, if not for the low fares of this low-cost airline, i wouldn't fly with them. Their respondents over the phone no nothing about traveling.

I wanted to share a review on where we stayed in Hong Kong. We booked for four days at the Yau Ma Tei's Bridal Tea house. The hotel has some pretty damn good reviews online.

Not only do they have numerous branches across Hong Kong, Bridal Tea house is also a so-so one for me. And it's funny 'coz i thought the hotel would be like favorite for honeymooners, couples... all i can see are local Chinese families staying for the night. Like a motel, you know.

I was dropped of a few blocks away from the hotel because the streets are quite narrow, the tour bus can't pass by the street. Anyway, the hotel location is right where numerous scaffolding (yeah right?!), and all the silver ware whatever is being sold. Although what's nice is that it's a few steps away from the money-changer. And the cheapest exchange rate i think so far. Cheaper than the MTR's, cheaper than Tsim Tsa Tsui.

What greeted me was silence. As in no one was there. I was waiting for roughly 20 minutes till the lady showed me the real entrance of Bridal Tea house, right where the restaurant is. Like duh? Anyway, what greeted me upstairs is a very narrow, walkway, like dorm-type leading to my room near the fire exit.

The room where I stayed was simply fit for small people. I'm pretty petite for my size, but at least i think I deserved a medium-sized room good for normal people to sleep in. Anyway, armed with my trolley (This is 2008, people.), the room was so narrow for me. Imagine Edsa during Friday nights. Traffic. Like my stuff covered half of my bed. Same as with my friend. What I did was, placed our trolleys horizontally covering the very little space in between the two single beds.

The next day, i woke up at 8AM to the sound of a fire alarm. Yes. A fire alarm in the morning, in Hong Kong. I panicked. Wearing only my boxer shorts, i braved to leave my room. I saw many Chinese women, still wearing the nighties and white-faced filled with beauty creams. We were heading for the fire-exit. But fuck psyche... it was locked. I am now deeply worried. I know right, getting burned in Hong Kong is not my idea of a leisure vacation. More so, my first international trip. But in the span of 5 minutes, i heard already the sound of the fire-trucks approaching. Yeah, props for the local government. 

I was able to go down to the lobby. Ashamed of what i was wearing, apparently, what i was not wearing, I froze to death in embarrassment. I asked a fellow traveler what happened? She didn't know. I saw her carrying with her a duffel bag, and her laptop. This reminded me, WTF, i left everything in my room. What if the fire pushed through, the hotel burned? My newly stamped passport, gone, and my, then three hundred dollars, gone. WTF! I'm in deep trouble! Only to find out... the cause of the fire alarm... a Chinese lady steaming her face in the morning apparently caused the alarm. 

If not for the atmosphere of the hotel, a noodle-restaurant, a few steps away is the market, a few more steps away would be Nathan Road and you can get a taxi or ride the MTR fast, i would be long gone.

The front desk wasn't helpful either. They knew little English. And conversing with them is quite hard. A feat if they get what you want to say. Yeah i know, the hotel per day is cheap but i think i can get better value in another hotel. If you ask me the next time i'm in Hong Kong, will i stay in Bridal Tea House? The answer is NO. 

Because i know i can find better deal in Tsim Tsa Tsui where i know, not only most shopping places are located, your neighbor is also a bar I'm dying to go back again because... someone's waiting for me there. I hope I'm remembered.


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