Red Planet Amorsolo: Makati City, Philippines' Hip n' Happening Hotel

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STORY: I've always been curious to stay in this hotel, seriously. Because I've already outgrown my fascination for hostels, staying in budget hotels have become more interesting to me. Spending the right amount of money for accommodations that's right for what i fancy. Formerly known as Tune Hotels, Red Planet Amorsolo is seriously my hotel of choice when i am in Makati. 

Gone are the days for me to stay in dorm beds with noisy travelers. I prefer privacy and silence when i am about to sleep. Almost the same price as some of the string of hostels around Makati, Red Planet ensures comfortable beds, airconditioned rooms, private toilet and bath with a great view of the city. Nowadays, i would often wonder why some still prefer to stay at hostels when budget hotels such as Red Planet is all about experiencing the best without burning a hole in your pocket.

I prefer a mix of hot and cold shower during the day, and with Red Planet's steady flow of water, you always get what you want, a nice bath. It's also perfectly nice to note that because the interiors are carefully designed to ensure guests feel comfortable and equipped with what you actually need when you check in, staying here is a great experience.

I love that there is a full glass mirror to check on yourself if you're wearing something cool and hip.

And the minimalist design of each and every bedroom at Red Planet Amorsolo is a perfect set-up for a no non-sense staycation.

But what really caught my attention is the design of each and every floor of Red Planet Amorsolo. The wall to wall print is 100% Filipino. Something i don't see very often in newer hotels and guest houses. Every time i pass by this area when i ride the lift, i can't help but be amazed how a simple photograph can have so much meaning, to locals and foreigners alike. 

The best part about Red Planet hotels is that everything works perfectly fine, and so much more. I love the easiness of using the lift, and how the corridors are carpeted in dark gray finish, making simple touches like this exude topnotch design for me. 

I've stayed here for about two nights, as i try to hunt for the best restaurants around Makati City. The location is also perfect. While everybody aims to be located right in the middle of all things happening, i like that Red Planet Amorsolo still values privacy being tucked in a corner that's not too noisy or hectic. 

On another floor, this photo took me back three years ago when i visited Daet in Camarines Norte, one of the beautiful provinces south of Luzon. I told you how simple photographs can mean so much. 

Because Red Planet Amorsolo is all about being hip n' happening, i liked how this corner near the concierge present itself with many affordable things you can buy or do. For example, the touch screen app lets you take a selfie and share it with your friends and family on social media. Touches like this, give guests a little extra for staying with Red Planet. I also liked how you can borrow game boards, browse newspaper and magazines, and even buy their novelty items which i wound't mind proudly bring with me whenever i go travel. 

The quote i saw also brings back memories, because this is what i wrote on my diary when i graduated back in the university. And until now, i proudly remember how change can make you the best that you can be. Thank you, Red Planet, for inspiring guests to make a change in their life. 

I would have bought some of knick knacks they have, if only i haven't bought them already prior to my stay. I guess, the hotel and i think alike. 

The Makati skyline as seen from the huge wall print above the stairs to the lobby

Only in Red Planet Amorsolo can you check your e-mail, check on your social media newsfeed or even search for places to check out in Makati. The brand new set of iMacs are free to use for guests. And with a view of this city outside, i bet you'll be lingering here far long that you expected.

Red Planet Amorsolo
Address: 99 Urban Avenue, Brgy. Pio Del Pilar, Makati City 1230
Phone Number: +63-2-8380888
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