Marriott Hotel Manila's Five Star Experience in the Philippines

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STORY: If you receive an invite from Marriott Hotel Manila to spend the weekend with them, there's no better answer but a resounding yes. The night before, i picked my best suits and dress shirts. I tucked my new aubergine suede shoes in my duffel bag and brought with me my trusted camera. The next day, I was chauffeured off to Pasay City to check in at Marriott Hotel Manila.

First impressions of a hotel are always important to me. I've always believed that from the moment the door is opened to a guest, one must feel welcomed. From what i experienced, the moment i stepped inside Mariott Hotel Manila, the experience totally changed. From the humid weather and chaos outside Pasay City, suddenly, i felt that a journey to bliss and relaxation is coming my way. 

I met up with my pals at the executive lounge who all share the same passion: travel. After a few hearty laughs and nibbles of macaroons and sip of my green tea, we soon checked in at our respective rooms. Indeed, the journey has just begun.

Seated at the restaurant, in fine dining, i was taken a step back at how fancy hotels should live up to its reputation. Marriott Hotel Manila's touch of elegance in dining cannot be discounted. A feast of senses; sights and smells linger, as i quench my thirst for goodness.

The interiors match the hotel's brand for five star design. The impeccably designed flooring, to the wooden furniture dot the key areas where one could simply lounge around, and secure privacy. It's an absolute feast to the eyes with its wonderful artisan touch. It makes you think how hotels such as Marriott Hotel Manila truly aim to give guests the best experience ever.

Whenever there's a plate of sushi served, my eyes start to light up. It's really my favorite dish, and as i type this review now, i am craving for it. The salmon and tuna, which i ate at dinner time was fresh and thinly cut just the way i like it. We were all having a great time, forgetting that we have a theater show to catch in a few minutes. I would have loved to enjoy more of the appetizing dishes served, but the show is already about to start.

Prepping for the night, one must look, smell and feel good, and i am glad that the bathrooms are as comfortable as the rooms and the rest of the areas. I had a grande time making sure i groom myself to the dot. Every detail counts, you know. 

Although i mostly check in at a hotel alone, the experience sharing this huge room with two of my closest buddies, become another enthralling experience for me. Watching endless reruns of my favorite series, and checking out clouds over Manila by the window pane ensures i don't disconnect from the realities outside Marriott Hotel Manila. You see, staying here could make you totally forget the outside. 

The comfortable bed, and the classy interiors, not minding the luxurious bath tub all complement the relaxed vibe of the room. It is such an understatement since i actually didn't want to leave the room in the first place. 

I was in Roxas City in Capiz a few weeks ago, and remembered how fresh the clams and oysters are similar to what i had in Marriott Hotel Manila. And since, i am such a fan, i had it prepared for me - half baked in parmesan, the other half steamed to perfection. 

Breakfasts should be enjoyed by everyone. I was never a morning person, until i tried the eggs benedict and other goodies that morning. I vowed to wake up with fresh breeze of the morning dew and enjoy my hot chocolate and eggs from hereon. I told you already about how Marriott Hotel Manila changes you.

As soon as breakfast ended, i rushed back to the room to do absolutely nothing. I went for a quick shower, and landed in my bed again. This time, i dozed off as i try to relieve my wonderful memories with Marriott Hotel Manila.

Lo and behold, the beds have been cleaned and served once more. I love it here, because they make sure comfort for guests is their top priority. 

The buffet spread is amazing. There's tons you can choose, and whichever you fancy, i am pretty sure it'll be a hit. Among all the hotels that I've checked in, Marriott Hotel Manila definitely tops the food department. They actually serve better food than the luxury hotels I've stayed in Bangkok and Bali. 

With too many plates, and endless laughter from my pals, i realized how blessed this weekend staycation is. The five star experiences in comfort are surely etched in our minds and hearts forever. I am speaking for everyone in the group who had such an amazing weekend.

Of course, a stay at Marriot Hotel Manila would not be complete if we didn't try their amenities. Some of my pals wanted to hit the gym but pressed for time, maybe on another staycation perhaps. The Quan Spa also looks really enticing, however, the group decided it's best to hit the pool now to amp our adrenaline for the day. I am borrowing my friend's photo, because i was too excited to jump in on the pool, that i totally forgot to snap a photo. That's how pleasant my stay is. 

Address: No. 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City, Manila 1309
Phone Number: +63-2-9889999