Why Everyone in Hong Kong Should Ride the Star Ferry!

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Most people who go to Hong Kong maximize their MTR pass by shuttling from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island through its efficient and superb train service. When I went there the second time around, I was tipped to ride the star ferry going to Hong Kong Island. And boy was I right with my decision. The view was spectacular and the cool breeze was so refreshing. I had a grand time walking around to all directions and effortlessly wait for a few minutes before the boat docks to Hong Kong’s financial district.

Next time you're in Hong Kong, better make sure you skip one ride to the MTR and head to the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier. It takes about 9 minutes of pure joy as you cruise.

TIP: Best time to ride the Star Ferry is early morning and late at night, avoiding the crowds while having the best uninterrupted view of the harbor. Enjoy!

Check out the schedule here!

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Hahaha. First ako? Hmm, i'll take note of that. Kahit medyo malayo pa ang HK trip ko. Hahaha. Thanks for the tip.

killrfillr said...

Ang mura ng pamasahe dito sa ferry. Kaya paborito namin puntahan ang Tsim Tsa Tsui eh.:p

tagal na namin di nakakapag HK ni monette!
haaaaay.... thanks for making me miss the place!

... and the harbour na puro pinoy na nagpi-picnic pag sunday!

PLDT HOME said...

Yeay! Thanks for the tip! Will definitely check it out when I go to HK in October!

will take note of this when I hit HK. thanks for the tip! ;)

Another best tip..Alright its taking ages to save money for HK. I remember asking you about HK back then...was it last year.? good lord...Until this very moment of my life Im still dreaming of the place.kailan kaya ako matutuloy jan.hehe. If and When im surely annoy you with my adventure tales.lol

P.S I will always check your blog without you knowing.di lng ako nag iiwan ng message but i never fail to update myself.
thanks for dropping by sa blog ko.

Indeed, every visitor should board the Stary Ferry. Gorgeous view in the evening!

Ed said...

haha, di pa ako nakaboard ng Star Ferry! haha. oh well, all the more reason to go back!

@Hoobert the Awesome You're one funny dude. Thanks for checking out my site. If you need help with your upcoming HK trip, let me know so maybe i can help you out with your itinerary or must see places.

@killrfillr Tsim Tsa Tsui is my most favorite place in Hong Kong, along with Lan Kwai Fong

@RON | fliptravels.com correct dun nga yon. Nakaka-proud din at nakakatuwa. ang daming pinoy sa HK. labasan sila pag linggo. :) Happy anniversary to fliptravels.com!

@pinoyavenger Wow! Good for you, Niki! start traveling the world! I'm excited for your HK trip. Pabili ng something he he he :)

@thepinaysolobackpacker idol, thanks for visiting the site. Ayos! Enjoy HK soon!!! :)

@paperbiscuits no problem, online buddy! I love your blog because it's cool, simple and fun! Cheers! Hope you make that HK trip soon!

@Pinay Travel Junkie Agree with you totally. And if possible, go with the dinner cruise to make the night even more romantic.

@Ed Ayos sumakay ng star ferry, Ed! Maeenjoy mo kasi yung view ng hong kong island pag gabi habang malamig ang hangin sa bay. astig! Of course, ikaw pa for sure babalik ka!

Eric said...

That's what I did too when I was in HK. When I boarded the MRT going to Kowloon, at sinabi sakin ng na meet kung Pinoy dun na nasa ilalim kami ng dagat bigla akung natakot at pinag pawisan, kaya nalaman ko din na pwede palang sumakay ng ferry at masaya pa...nag ferry nalang ako...

@Eric are you claustrophobic? May time nga na medyo ako din buti na lang di nasisira ang MTR trains nila. he he But yes, iba talaga pag ferry ka sumakay mas feel mo ang vibe ng Hong Kong!