An Extraordinary Experience for Filipinos Staying at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Alabang

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I've been talking to my driver the whole 2 hours of my trip from Quezon City to Alabang, and have been wondering how it is to stay at Crimson Hotel in Filinvest City. He mentioned right away the iconic structure towering over lush greens of the south. He also told me about numerous stories of celebrity sightings in the hotel. For someone who has lived all his life almost 40 kilometers away, i was intrigued. But more excited, for i was personally invited to stay for a night. The heavy traffic along Edsa made the kilometers seem even longer, but my excitement grew to hundred folds. 

Imagine when i arrived at the lobby and looking at the beautifully designed interiors. I was amazed by the spectacle i am seeing. No wonder people have been raving about Crimson Hotel for years now since it opened years ago. 

I am quite particular with interiors, having stayed in more than a thousand hotels around Asia. But what i saw at Crimson Hotel will probably be in my list of most beautiful hotels in Asia. 

After setting Nepal as my other residence, i have already fallen in love with tea. Imagine that as i explore the vast grounds of the lobby, i stumbled upon a whole set of Dilmah Tea at the Lobby Lounge.When i was in 98 Acres Resort and Spa in Ella, Sri Lanka, i ordered a cup of Dilmah Tea, and the fresh and fine Premium Ceylon Single Origin Tea neatly pressed was served to me. Two things: I want to go back to Ella in Sri Lanka, and i want to go back to Crimson Hotel, just so i can order a cup. 

I am trying to find the words to describe the lobby to the lift. The granites and marbles give me the impression of opulence but not discerning. I mean, relatively, it's not as super expensive as the other hotels. Moreover, i think you're getting more for what you paid here. 

And coming closer to the ottoman, made me wonder how much effort was given to put all the interiors up. I sat here for a bit, and realized how lucky i was to get a dibs on the stylish interiors of Crimson Hotel. 

Later on, i went on the quieter side of the lobby and unto the quaint lounge area where an imposing piece of art resembles that of Parisian chic. I remember when i did the art tour at Ritz Carlton Milennia in Singapore. Imagine, i actually stayed at a hotel similar to it. Gosh, i feel so lucky.

And the search for places to chill never end at Crimson Hotel. The farther i go, the more beautiful the interiors get. 

I actually took more than a thousand photos of the interiors alone. 

But as they say, the best is yet to come.

People know me well. I am quite private with my bed. So i subtly took a photo of where i will be billeted for the night. It's a Deluxe Room with two twin beds, perfect for me and a friend. The 28 square meter room was big enough, complete with 40 inch LED television and high-speed internet access. It helped that since Crimson cares, they managed to make all rooms equipped with Energy Recovery Ventilation, which means the in-room air quality ensures fresh air circulation. I loved this room. 

Then, friends of mine invited me to meet up with them on the 8th floor. Again, more art for my peculiar eyes. 

As soon as i stepped out, i was lead to an oasis in the middle of the city. The huge pool was exclusive to staying guests. The dedon loungers tastefully adjoining the Deck Bar reminded me so much of the dedon decks of Kandooma in Maldives where i was a year ago. If it's beautiful during day time, imagine how it is at night.

That's me with my friends enjoying a night cap of solid cocktail mixes al fresco style courtesy of the hotel's Marketing Communications Manager, Michael Anthony Sangaran. Chatting with him made me conclude that it goes by saying that the reason why Crimson Hotel is this nice is because the people behind the hotel really know their guests and what they're doing. It was really a high time for all of us as we watch the stars light up that night. 

Of course, a tour of Crimson Hotel won't be complete without the fabulous Cafe Eight, where the breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets with Mediterranean flair offer a gastronomic experience you will never forget. Enjoy the spread of food. 

By far, Crimson is one of the best hotels I've ever stayed around Asia. What's nice is that it lives to its promise of an extraordinary experience in an atmosphere of tranquility, subdued elegance and new expression of cosmopolitan life at its finest. 

I'll end this post now, so i can book a weekend staycation again at Crimson Hotel. 

Crimson Hotel
Address: Entrata Urban Complex, 2609 Civic Drive, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1781
Phone Number: +6328632222
E-mail Address:
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Jenn said...

I love how art and elegance were being collaborated to create a great impression for this hotel. I used to have cheap hotels during my jet lag free travels with jetLAGFX and never have the chance to experience luxurious hotels.It costs a lot of money.

@Jen Beautifully designed hotel says so much about the taste, ambiance and vibe of the place. Very inspiring!