A Beautiful Staycation at B Hotel, Quezon City, Philippines

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I always find it nice whenever news about a new hotel in Quezon City is opening. I've always believed that future is right here in this city. For one, i was born and raised here. I went to school and spent my youth here. There's so much space, and convenience is unquestionable. In short, i love Quezon City forever.

With new hotels opening every year, i reckoned my instincts were spot on.

When i was invited for the soft opening of B Hotel in Quezon City, i said yes right away. As the sister company of Bellevue Manila, i knew i would be stupid to let this one pass. I knew i would be experiencing affordable five star treatment. Who doesn't want that?

B Hotel is about 8 kilometers away from my home, and i paid my driver about a hundred pesos to get here. Very cheap, indeed. When i arrived, i was amazed by its interiors. QC is really keeping up with its popular city sisters like Makati and Ortigas. The design of the hotel is New York industrial with pebbled flooring, unfinished walls and the beautiful bricks interior of the rooms. It's nothing like I've ever seen in Manila, at least. After a week of stressful meetings and haggard mornings, one thing's for sure, a luxurious treatment is just what i need.

I also got excited with the rooms, as they are indeed, amazingly beautiful. I've been quite picky now with my accommodations whenever i travel. After suffering from bed bugs at a hostel in Kuala Lumpur to experiencing  perfectly lighted rooms in Maldives, i have decided that a trip to a destination should always include where you sleep. Yes, I've matured also as a traveler. That is what 9 years of traveling did to me. 

The staff of B Hotel kindly prepared for us a lovely dinner by their restaurant called Lobby Cafe. The breaded fish fillet, beef salpicao and chopsuey were all excellent. This hotel doesn't really want me to leave, eh? Again, the interiors are wonderfully designed. It has a feel of a quaint Cuban  bar, which is consistent to the over-all aesthetic design of the hotel. I seriously felt like Don Creole, enjoying a hard liquor, by the bar. Only missing was a cigar.

Since B Hotel is a short stroll away from the happening place of Timog area, it's definitely a perfect balance of "solitude" within the compounds as it's tucked in a quiet side street, and excitement from bars and pubs available for your visit right in the next alley.

Since i work in the marketing industry and i happen to oversee a team, i feel that a two-day lock in would be perfect for us to come up with a brilliant campaign. I am seriously thinking about it now. I think i should call now to reserve.

If you happen to drive your own car, don't worry. The hotel provides free parking space for all its guests. With a good massage and spa within reach, a weekend stay would definitely be one for the books. I think i forgot to mention that azure pool. The wooden planks were spot on. I could literally see myself dipping quite soon.

I could go on and on in convincing you to stay, but i also want to leave that element of surprise when you come visit. Easy on the clicks, you might fill up your camera SD card quick. B Hotel may not be huge in size, but its quaint and boutique size makes up for a very relaxing weekend. Don't you think?

Address: 14 Scout Rallos Street, Bgy Laging Handa, Quezon City 1103
Phone Number: +632 990 5000
E-mail Address: info@thebhotelqc.com