Tambayan Capsule Hostel: Your Best Hostel in Manila, Philippines

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Maybe, it comes with age. I feel that hostels are for the young ones. When i was in my 20's, i always had a fascination for hostels. My first hostel experience was in Singapore back in 2008. Years later, slowly, i wanted more space for myself. I already yearn for peace at night, and privacy became a bigger issue to me. I think it does come with age. When Tambayan Capsule Hostel invited me during their soft launch to experience the grandness of another hostel in Manila, i said yes. One, I've never tried hostels in Manila. Two, i am quite picky with my accommodations, hostels included. Three, i am sleeping in a bunk bed with my closest friends in a dorm room. 

I arrived quite late that Saturday. I was in a rush, since coming from Quezon City to Manila probably took me almost two hours because of traffic. Mind you, it's a Saturday. I kinda missed Manila. I've always believed that this city has a charm no other city has. Its history is unforgettable, and the old world feel is so elusive. 

I was escorted to the bedroom where seven of my closest travel buddies are already waiting. As i go up the stairs, i realize how different this hostel is from the others i see in photographs. More funky, the design is eclectic. More modern, the vibe is old world. I immediately went up and found myself surrounded by memorabilia of Manila in the olden days. Manila has such a rich history. To design about it is but right. Tambayan Capsule Hostel does it right.

At its soft opening, i already see a couple of tourists staying at Tambayan Capsule Hostel. Most of them, by this time at 3PM, where probably on their second bottle of San Miguel Beer. Watching the city pass you by is such a rewarding experience. As i type this, i couldn't help but wonder why i suddenly become excited to visit again. If they invite me again, i would probably stay for another time. And since half of my Facebook friends are non-Filipinos, i would probably recommend this place for them to stay in when they're in Manila.

It's not a party hostel. I don't think it will ever be. I once visited a party hostel in Makati, this is definitely not like it. But i like the solace this place evokes. I like that it's quiet, and a few steps away is madness. That is what staying in Manila is all about. A chill out music was the perfect soundtrack to this state of nonchalance. 

Like all hostels should be, there's a gastro pub where one could enjoy light snacks and cold beverage. Of course, when i mean cold beverage it's definitely beer. Because it's located at the roof top, one could have a good view of the bohemian streets of Malate where a lot of people are a fan of. 

At Tambayan Capsule Hostel, one can choose all-female or mixed dorm rooms. There's private rooms for 2, 4, 6 and 8 people. I don't have to write the prices. Trust me, it's cheap. 

This huge dorm room where i stayed together with my friends features a balcony overlooking the city just beside the gastro pub. Fantastic!

Oh, these kids. The real reason why hostels are delightful is because one can be crazy, and yes, you don't have to be young to do that. I remember my hostel friends at Inn Crowd. I guess it's time to let them know how much i miss our wacky moments back then.

Even if it's a hostel, Tambayan provides hotel experience with luggage keep service, transportation inquiries to the best places around the Philippines and so much more. When i was there, the lovely concierge where helping out two Swedish girls how to get to Banaue from the hostel. Great service!

If you're looking a for convenient hostel to sleep and relax for a couple of days in Manila. More, i dare you. Book your stay at Tambayan Capsule Hostel if you don't like house music playing on the roof top. Get some sleep! ha

Tambayan Capsule Hostel
Address: 1607 Bocobo St. Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila
Telephone Number: +6325218850
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tambayanhostel/


Anonymous said...

I didn't know there are hostels in Manila! With this, we could encourage tourists and travelers since it is up to par with the hostels abroad.

@Anonymous There's tons. You just have to research about it.