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Okay. This feels a bit funny, and exciting at the same time. I can't believe i am resurrecting this blog. One of my many resolutions before the year ended was to pursue writing again on this blog come 2020. Like a volcano, this blog has been dormant. I mean, i pay for its address every year in the hopes that one day i may find the strength and courage to start writing again. For a very long time, this blog has been my comfort zone, and my sounding board. And i personally like it best when i am writing like this - free flowing, without any hesitation or doubt. I don't need to impress anyone with highfalutin words, or so many jargons. When you read this, it's as if i am speaking with you. 

Many things have happened. Fortunately, there were so many beautiful memories of trips to my favorite cities like Tokyo and Seoul. I love going to these places because i draw a lot of creative inspiration whenever i am there. I go to museums, sit at the park, eat at a local restaurant and it all makes me rich in ideals.  I just wished i was as excited to blog then as i am now. Imagine the many different and dynamic stories i could have written. But alas, i was finding myself in silence and just taking it all in. Now that i have overflowing ideas and stories to tell, comes this blog where i will share my thoughts and ideas. I was also able to spend some amazing time with my friends - whom i think will be my friends till i grow old, and these places include Morocco and Russia. C'mon, never have i thought that i would actually be in these places and take photographs. Back in 2007 when i started blogging, it's all about nearby provinces and deserted beaches in Visayas. Now, i brave the cold and come face to face with people from the west, and in the mountains and deserts.

Today, i was suppose to fly to Basco in Batanes, my would be 68th province in the Philippines out of 81 or 82. Taal Volcano erupted a day or two ago, and there were ash fall even outside my house. Just to make sure my folks won't be worried, and that i won't have to trouble myself in the chaos that is NAIA, i rebooked my flight two weeks from now. By that time, hopefully, the sky would be clear, and Taal Volcano would sleep again. Things have changed dramatically, and my adventurous self become more responsible. I live for thrill still, but i calculate my plans and i believe less risks mean more success.

My next blog would probably be in Batanes, or if i have free time from now until then, i would write again. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, i am becoming a kid again collecting Funko Pops, and i am loving it. I also have been training Muay Thai a lot, not anymore to lose weight but to become a stronger version of myself. 2020 is really the year to enjoy, become a kid again (figuratively of course), and just be myself. 

P.S. I took this photo back in 2015 in the mountainous region of Nepal in Bandipur. Seeing this kid up there high in the mountain playing with a lone branch of a tree and just smiling and being curious -- that is happiness and my goal for 2020. C'est La Vie!