Travel Notes from Basco, Batanes, Philippines Day 1

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Up until the very last minute, i didn’t know if my flight to Basco would push thru. I mean, two weeks ago, my flight got cancelled due to the Taal Volcano eruption, and it was chaotic at NAIA so i had to rebook my flight two weeks after. I had a day to decide, and i was browsing on Accuweather and my iPhone calendar simultaneously in order to pick the perfect date. 

Little did i know the weather would change, a lot. 

It’s 1:31AM now and i just woke up from a long nap. I don’t know if i will consider this as a sleep the night before. I wasn’t able to catch some sleep yesterday as my flight would leave at 6:20AM, and i had to be at the airport around 3AM. 

It was an uneventful time at the Terminal 4. Everybody’s wearing a mask to protect themselves from the new Corona Virus. After buying take out from Seattle's Best, I discovered that my flight to Basco was on hold to due to weather issues. Skyjet already cancelled their flight. Later on, i discovered that another PAL flight turned around to Manila because it couldn’t land. So as you see, weather is a very big issue here. I really wanted January to be the month that i will go to Batanes because i want to experience winter here. I realized that wind can be your bestfriend or culprit here. A plane cannot land if there’s too much wind (Windy App). Likewise, climbing up the Basco Lighthouse on a windy day is an ultimate experience. 

I am staying at Marfel’s Lodge - MAC Homestay at a spartan room. It’s P500 night, and you get a double bed, and pretty much that’s it. You pay additional P500 if you want to use the AC which i don’t intend to considering it’s 23 degrees outside. Same temperature as last night at our office TV room bingeing on Netflix. 

I went to a lot of places today, and did the North Batan Tour. JC, my tricycle driver and guide was also the best photographer you could ever ask for. I was lucky enough to get a driver whose calm, not too pushy or too aggressive and definitely not a know it all. I learned that he’s originally from Occidental Mindoro, and relocated to Batanes 20 years ago. Good decision! 

I asked to be dropped off at a beach near the ferry port of Basco, much closer to the ocean. Spent a good time there with a perfect sunset. Walked around and found a good spot at Shanedel’s Cafe. I bought an overpriced San Mig Light at P100, but the feeling is topnotch. I met two ladies from Baguio, and lola was very cordial and friendly. She shared with me her dreams of travelling to more places more so now that she’s already 77. She says she’s okay. I said, i bet you’ll be traveling to more places after this. She was blessed with a fantastic weather. Had a quick dinner at Pension D’Kubo. I think will try the fish meatballs next time, and Ivatan Pancit Canton. 

It’s almost 2AM, and i’ll try to catch some more sleep. Hopefully, i’ll be able to wake up at around 5AM refreshed and energized — ready for my early South Batan Tour to avoid the crowds.