Travel Notes from Basco, Batanes, Philippines Day 2

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Internet has been spotty the whole day. It’s hard to publish IG Stories, moreso research where to go. As soon as i came back to the homestay from dinner, i dozed off right away. I’ve been awake for more than 24 hours, and i am tired as hell. But tomorrow i shall do the South Batan Tour bright and early. I talked to JC and told him whatever it takes to avoid the crowds, and he said “let’s start at 6:30AM”. Lo and behold, our timing was perfect. We started the tour with only a handful, and instead we did the tour counterclockwise just so we avoid the heaps from tour groups. South Batan tour was more packed, and farther in terms of distance traveled. We went to a lot of places - white sandy beaches desolate of people, fantastic view points overlooking gorges, and even got sentimental writing a message for myself when i come back to Batanes. 

I believe that the hype is real here. Batanes is probably the most beautiful place i’ve ever been to in the Philippines. I mean, the view here is breathtaking. I’ve been to the isolated islands of Dinagat, and rugged terrain of Marinduque and even the far flung mountainous barangays of Zamboanga Sibugay and Kalinga but Batanes topography is out of this world. 

We finished all there is to see in South Batan. Sadly, my brochure wasn’t stamped in Yuyugan. Oh well, there’s always a next time. 

If my day wasn’t enough. JC told me a little secret. He told me where i can run and jog — Basco airport. Sssshhh 🤟🏽 Basically, that’s how my day ended - running across the runway, admiring Mt. Iraya on one side and pacific ocean on the other.