Travel Notes from Sabtang, Batanes, Philippines Day 3

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As soon as i arrived in Basco, my plans for the next few days changed dramatically. Even if i wanted to pursue my original plan, the problem with Batanes is you have to listen to the weather gods. I switched days - South Batan and Sabtang overnight because weather here has been unpredictable. I try to veer away now from Accuweather because it has not been accurate. The irony of it all. On my third day, woke up early again to go to Ivana port to catch the ferry to Sabtang. Oh my God. There’s just so many people. Good thing i arrived 20 minutes earlier, and not in a package tour. Que Horror! Anyway, these people are going for the day tour package. It’s sad that tour gets rushed, as the boat leaves at 12NN. Good thing, i have more time in my hands. I will stay overnight in the island, and just relax. 

The ride was mind blowing, too. I’ve never seen waves that tall. But i am quite confident since the faluwa was really well made. It was just breezing through angry waves like a walk in the park. We arrived safe and sound, to continuous rain in Sabtang. 

Because i didn’t avail any tour. I had to hire a tricycle on the spot. And because i am staying overnight, i can do the tour to all the baranggays and not rush. It was pouring when we started the tour as we climb up the mountainous ridges. This made the trip unbelievably fun and scary at the same time. As if the weather gods have been listening to my silent prayer, slowly the weather became better and the sun settled with the clouds. 

I’ve read somewhere that Sabtang is just like Batan. I have to disagree. It’s totally different out here. Even the shape of the mountains, and the coast is different. I get nods all the time whenever i pass through the smallest baranggays i’ve ever seen. My guide Romy is the kindest, most gentle. He is honest and polite. He works hard. And i respect a fellow like that. He brought me to the most isolated places in Sabtang and helped me through slippery terrain. Again, he managed to veer away from the crowds and i end up enjoying a spot to myself. 

Saving lunch money, we went to a random house in Savidug which is celebrating its fiesta. I had a feast on little crabs and sweets. Sad thing, i don’t eat pork. I realized, contrary to what people know, Ivatans are meat eater and you can see it in their built. 

We went to viewing decks that are built for Hollywood films, quiet barangays, and fishermen dock - all completely void of people. After 12, the scale of day tourists begin to leave. And overnighters are now enjoying the place to ourselves. The tour started around 8AM and ended at 2PM which is quite long. I had a grand time thanks to Romy. Staying at Pananayan Homestay boasts of a fantastic view of the light house and clear ocean. I opened my bottle of wine, which i have been looking forward to since i arrived in Batanes. Listening to chill music and enjoying merlot with leftover wakay chips, i savor the best moments of my trip to Batanes. I didn’t get much sleep that night because my body clock is so messed up. I slept at 6PM and woke up at 10PM. I couldn’t sleep until 1AM but had to wake up at 3 to catch the ferry back to Ivana at dusk.