Travel Notes from Basco, Batanes, Philippines Day 5

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Probably the smallest airport in the Philippines is Basco Airport. Not surprising because it is also the smallest province, and in Sabtang the smallest baranggay. I am now waiting at the airport, after almost an hour delay. Since last night, the wind was strong and it has been raining non-stop. I pity those who’re just about to arrive and start their tour. I don’t know if it’s climate change, but January is usually the best month to travel here. 

I cannot miss this flight because tomorrow i have a flight to catch with some friends. I never plan on back to back trips but since my original flight to Batanes changed due to the Taal Volcano Eruption, dates have derailed, and i now have only 1 day in between to prepare. Before i left Manila, i already packed my clothes for this trip so my trolley is ready. All i have to do is be at the airport in time. 

But the usual me, i will extend for a few days to allot some time for myself. Go to my favorite places, and shop. 

Enjoying a glass of my leftover Merlot last night, i think about my trip here in Batanes. 

One, it’s the most beautiful province in the country. Two, internet is horrible here so it’s so hard to stay connected, research about places to go to and update my social media accounts. Three, weather is perfect and bad at the same time. The cool breeze is just so relaxing. You don’t need an AC room so you spend cheaper on rooms. Bad because plans get derailed, and you end up changing plans the last minute. Four, seafood is hard to come by but if you chance upon it, it’s unbelievably fresh. People here are meat eaters. I’ve attended a fiesta in Savidug in Sabtang, and almost all of what was served was pork and goat meat. And lastly, fifth, i think the people here are the most innocent and sweetest. You’ll know it when you get here. I think because geographically, there’s so far out from everybody, it works beautifully fine.