WUHAN, CHINA COVID-19 - Are We in Trouble? PART 1

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People don't realize the gravity of the situation. I don't know if it's the lack of information, or plain stupidity. If people want to get infected, then that's their choice. The problem is your infection can infect the people around you. It's that simple. I am completely flabbergasted with the realization that people don't see this is as a concern, or even a threat. 

We are on our fourth week of enhanced community quarantine. It's not the most comfortable scenario, but i would have to say it's for the best. I am quite vocal with my stance with the government, but i follow guidelines and protocols, too. I am not selfish. It's a moral and social responsibility of everyone to not only think of yourself in situations like this. Because we're fighting something we can't see, i think it's hard for some people to take this seriously. 

Before i started running around my village, i needed to make sure that it's okay to do so. I keep a very safe (sometimes more than much) distance from people who pass by. I rarely go outside the house on other occasions except if i have to run errands. I don't do this not only for myself but also for others. You see, that's what wisdom is all about. To know if what you're doing is right or wrong, and how to make things that are wrong right. That's what makes us civilized human beings. 

I've always said that worst trait of a Filipino is discipline. I am not perfect, it's also a trait that i have to constantly remind myself of. Discipline is the one thing that hinders us all, as a nation, to succeed and prosper. If people only follow safe physical distancing from each other, and minimize going outside the house and only when needed, we could beat the shit out of this virus. Seriously. But alas, the problem is with the people. These are the things that we don't have to be reminded of. Again, wisdom. 

To my fellow men who cannot afford to stay at home because they have to work, my hats off to you. I cannot imagine the risk they take every single day because they don't have a choice. I feel privileged to have a roof over my head, that there's food on my plate, and that i don't have to leave the house at all because i am well taken care of. I cannot fathom their circumstances. 

And to the frontliners, who're called the suicide squad but because of passion and utter kindness, yet they're still taking care of our sick even if their life is in danger. Your dedication is admirable. Your sacrifice every single day of your life just to make sure we have recoveries instead of deaths is very much appreciated. Thank you!

I am frustrated for so many reasons. Why? Because we're all in this together. How can we beat this virus if we don't follow simple guidelines. These guidelines were imposed so we can flatten the curve, and go back to our normal daily lives the soonest possible time. I want to train Muay Thai right away, i want to go to my barber and get a fade, i want to walk around a park or a mall, and just take it all in without having to worry if i get sick. And the most important of all, i want to travel again and again.

For someone like me who likes to plan everything, the situation now makes me confused, shocked, and ultimately sad because all my plans have changed, and  i cannot look forward to the days coming ahead because i don't know what tomorrow will bring. I cannot write on my journal, and schedule activities for the week because i have none. It's these thoughts running through my head that make me uneasy, anxious and restless. I have trouble sleeping nowadays, and i wake up every few hours. I feel like the recent situation, and the lack of actionability from our government is making its way to my system. I am stressed to the core.

I am not asking for a cure, because there's none. I am not asking for the sun and the moon from the government, because we're a third world country, and we can only do much. But what i am asking for, and i don't think it's too much to ask, is for our government to have a plan of action. It's that simple. How can we, as a nation, battle this virus? What's Plan A, Plan B, etc? There should be options for scenarios. We cannot afford to lose track of the goal. People are dying, and more people are getting sick every single day. This is an urgent matter that needs to be solved right away. Ask for help if needed. The more people brainstorming to find solution to this crisis, the better. More importantly, we cannot act only when situations arise. We don't have the luxury of time. 

This virus has been present for months now, and we are on community quarantine for almost a month. The question to ask for is, are we flattening the curve? If yes, what are we doing right? Let's continue and do more. If not, how can we improve on it? It seems the government's lack of focus to the situation makes actions less efficient. There are so many unnecessary plots that need not be thought of. I am just being real here. I am not asking for a perfect government, because there's none. These people ran for office to serve the nation. I sincerely hope they serve the nation well. 

Otherwise, we are all in trouble. 

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