Travel Notes from Almeria, Biliran, Philippines Day 4

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It has been 7 long years since I’ve explored inland the province of Biliran. But i knew back then, that i would go back. There’s just too many places to explore in this blessed province. I remember back then, i had little time because i was traveling to Biliran and Samar on a single trip, so i had to cut my days short to accommodate the places i wanted to see. I remember exploring waterfalls, caves and mountain springs. And of course, the century old church in Naval. Just less than three hours drive from Tacloban, and the world is different out there. I find that it’s a relatively untouched tourism destination, and there’s just too many beautiful places to go to, but found transportation and accommodations hard to get by, unless of course you charter your own transportation or pitch a tent or bring your own food. 

The people of Biliran are very nice. They are not chatty though super friendly, but very accommodating when you ask for help. In many instances, you don’t need to ask for one, somehow they can sense a tourist in need. Like finding a good place to stay in Higatangan or calming my nerves as i ride the boat going back to Naval. By the way, it was the start of a low pressure area so water was distinctly choppy, the sky gloomy but the smiling faces of those riding the boat kept me calm. 

It was also a good idea to do your island hopping on the start of your trip. I realIzed that towards the end of my trip. The weather wasn’t cooperating anymore. Good thing, i was able to go to Sambawan and Higatangan during those sunny days. 

On my fourth day, i went back to where i stayed 7 years ago. Agta Beach Resort is not your picturesque resort villa but it had a homey feel, and i would stay again the next time i am in Almeria. Surprisingly, there’s still not a lot of guests booked except for a handful of foreign guests together with their Filipina girlfriends. I even had a lovely chat with an  old couple who’ve been everywhere but swore on the Philippines as the top destination. She even told me that she was at the same beach 30 years ago. There was nothing except for a small nipa hut, and she would kayak her way to Dalutan Island like the hippie that she was together with her foreigner friends. 

I asked the lovely concierge if they happen to see the dogs i have in the picture. There was only one remaining dog and i couldn’t see it. How sad! If you’re a dog lover, you will have a grand time here. The dogs are just super friendly, and i don’t have a pet dog. As i said earlier, Biliran still lacks the tourist infrastructure that other provinces have. I think the reason why is that there’s no tourist here except for those from neighboring provinces. 

The islands i have visited alone were enough to make my jaw drop. Biliran is that photogenic, and don’t even get me started with the lush mountains and virgin forests. 

It’s hard to summarize Biliran in a word, moreso in a blog. It’s one of those underrated provinces in the country, but with too many unexplored and hidden gems. It evokes mysticism, like the sweetest water from the cave. The experience i had in Biliran is lovely, the second time around. Will i be back again for the third time? You bet. 

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