Travel Notes from Higatangan Island, Biliran, Philippines Day 3

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The owner of Hagdan Annex where i stayed in Higatangan is such an enterprising man. He owns the Hagdan Annex lodge in town, and Hagdan Beach Resort as well. He owns a multicab that transports passengers around town. Together with his wife who’s the best host in town, they take care or their guests. His son, who was a former seaman and now a culinary student, makes sure guests have food to eat in the table. In the morning, the owner himself buys bread at the bakery for the guests to enjoy. Later on, i discovered that he is also the captain of the pump boat bound for Naval. 

What an enterprising man! 

I realized now through him that success is possible for men like him who manages time wisely, and learns to invest his money towards entrepreneurship. 

As i write this, i am in the boat bound for Naval. I learned that there’s a low pressure area in the country now, and the waves are incredibly high. The baranggay official and teacher who are seated beside me showed their utmost hospitality by assuring me that we’ll get to Naval safe and sound. Good thing, i was able to go to Sambawan Island and Higatangan Island before the change of weather. 

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