Travel Diary: One Amazing Journey to Biliran Province, Philippines

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It wasn't easy going to Biliran. With absolutely no sleep, the ride from Tacloban New Agucay Bus Terminal was confusing. Nothing changed since 2 years ago when i went there. That on another entry. Rode a Naval bound van and paid around P170. It took us around 3 hours to get to Naval. The driver was really good - so many sharp curves and edges but he managed flawlessly plus he's very accommodating. 

Got to change seats and was able to take Drift shots but headroom was wide. Lesson learned. When i got to Naval, I top-loaded onward to Almeria where i will be staying. As usual, i was the only guest. I paid P1000 for the A/C room. It's pretty comfortable but power shortage is frequent. Couldn't do island hopping because the waves were big. When the boat man advises you so, don't disobey. They know the tide and rift very well. They couldn't even fish so that should be a sign. 

I could see the two islands from the coast but yes, so near yet so far. Enteng was my driver. He was persistent to take me to the waterfalls like Ulan-Ulan  and Recolletos but i had no sleep and i don't trust my balance. 

Anyway, i went first to Almeria Church - a small Church with beautiful facade. People chipped in to construct the house of worship. 

Passed by Little Baguio where a road was constructed in the middle of huge boulders of mountains. Enteng said he can't advise me to go down and take some pics. Worse, he said it's a no-no to ride a bike at night. People live in the mountains. End of story there. 

After a very long ride, I finally reached Tinago Falls. Even more beautiful than the others i have seen. Was okay to just sit and watch the water fall effortlessly. I didn't swim because the water was too cold. 

After Tinago Falls, I went to Polatistis falls but couldn't find it. Enteng and i asked a couple of bystanders and was pointed towards the sea. I rented a boat to take us to the flow of water. Bathe and tasted it, it is indeed really sweet. 

After the rejuvenating swim, I went to the hot spring where water boils. It's weird that beside the hot spring is the river where water was cold. There sure is a volcano down there or up there because where the hell will the hot spring come from anyway. After that, I was pretty tired but tried to squeeze in the terraces. 

After coming from Banaue, it's surprising that technique is spread out in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Coming back to Naval, I went to eat at a barbecue stand Enteng recommended. Ordered Inihaw na Pecho or grilled chicken breast, and pork barbecue and for him also, pig intestine and pork barbecue. I paid less than P100 for our compete meals. Also, tried again puso and the really spicy chili they have. 

I went back to Agta just in time when the rain really started pouring. I was invited to drink some more but i was really tired so headed for the room. You know me, i would have said yes but with no sleep, i might falter. When the power went out, slept like a baby. Slept at 6PM, woke up at 12MN, slept again and woke up at 3:30AM. I'm wide awake.

Next day, I went to walk around the beach and took photos of rocks. I had simple breakfast and went back to wash up. It was time for me to head to Southern Leyte as hoping the weather would be better there. Some tourists from Manila were convincing me to go with them but i politely decline. My plan was to go now to Southern Leyte. 

I rode a van at Naval bound for Ormoc where i will catch a bus or van to Maasin City, Southern Leyte.

Biliran is quiet, calm and full of exotic flora and fauna. But the people here are so damn beautiful, inside and out.